A decade alongside Lékué innovating in the kitchen - NOMON DESIGN A decade alongside Lékué innovating in the kitchen - NOMON DESIGN


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A decade alongside Lékué innovating in the kitchen

It’s a time for celebration. This year, we celebrate 10 years of working with Lékué. During this decade, we’ve helped create a consumer-orientated brand linked to design and innovation. In 2005, coinciding with the arrival of Xavier Costa, Lékué’s current Managing Director, design thinking was incorporated into the company’s business strategy and our joint efforts focused on the development of products for the kitchen.

“The transformation of the company has been down to Nomon Design. We had to change the perception of our brand in the world and make it more communicative and attractive. Not just graphically, but also in terms of product design. And for the last ten years, we’ve been working together with that goal in mind.” Xavier Costa – Managing Director of Lékué.

“Working with Lékué has helped us develop new projects and working methods that have enabled us to learn and evolve in leaps and bounds both professionally and personally. Every year, we’re presented with a new challenge that is more demanding than the previous year’s, and this is what really motivates us to keep on extending ourselves. Dynamism, challenges, pressure and good personal relationships between the teams at Nomon Design and Lékué have been vital to maintaining this relationship for so many years.” Esther Agustench – Creative Director of Nomon Design.

Lékué’s current image is a reflection of our good relationship and the commitment of everybody. Uxua Solé, Nomon Design’s Art Director and Accounts Manager, for example, remembers that “in 2010, we created Lékué’s first recipe book and the photo session that went with it really marked out the lifestyle of the brand. We remember it with great fondness because we organised a celebratory lunch that everyone came to – the Lékué team, Luki Huber, the photographer, the home economist and Nomon Design.”


All of the photo sessions, fairs, meetings, and so much more, have helped build the main foundations of our excellent relationship. “Working with Nomon Design is like dealing with a department in your own company: communication is very direct and based on trust. They’re very agile and flexible and make day-to-day work so much easier. They get actively involved in all of the projects we work on together, sharing their enthusiasm, excitement and desire to do a good job. In short, Nomon Design is like a part of Lékué.” Mireia Sayeras – Innovation Manager of Lékué.

Celebrating 10 years. 10 years in which Lékué and Nomon Design’s professionals have worked together as a team to pass on to consumers their excitement and passion for cooking, innovation and design.

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