Available Secret by Enrique Baeza - NOMON DESIGN Available Secret by Enrique Baeza - NOMON DESIGN


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Available Secret by Enrique Baeza

“We like creating a special atmosphere for Nomon Design’s reception area. The place that welcomes us, our clients and partners every day. The day that Enrique invited us to his exhibition and I saw this work, it was a must-have moment. Available Secret has a lot of meaning for Nomon Design and for me. And I’m sure it also has a lot of meaning for each of us.” – Sisón Pujol, Managing Director Nomon Design.

Available Secret, by the artist Enrique Baeza, is a piece that acts as a declaration of intent and attitude about what we are like and how we conduct ourselves. Because we like to work together collaboratively, putting all of our secrets into the mix to serve our shared goals.

“When Sisón was at the exhibition and saw this work, she immediately understood its significance for Nomon Design and for herself. Because Sisón has a sixth sense for seeing what others can’t see. At Nomon Design, they have this ability to find attributes in the client or product that sometimes even those who work for the company or brand don’t even realise it has. As my friend, Mª Jesús Buxó, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Barcelona, says: “A secret is only meaningful if it has the promise of one day being revealed.” […] I’m very happy that these words are with them in their office.” – Enrique Baeza.

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