Idonea: the most ideal cosmetics brand for each consumer - NOMON DESIGN Idonea: the most ideal cosmetics brand for each consumer - NOMON DESIGN


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Idonea: the most ideal cosmetics brand for each consumer

Idonea Personal Cosmetics is a brand that offers an innovative cosmetic skin care prescription service only in chemists and in just 5 minutes. After a comprehensive and free diagnosis which quantifies 9 fundamental skin parameters (hydration, fat, wrinkles, tone, etc.), the consumer receives a complete personalised report and personalised cosmetic treatment with a number of additional recommendations.

Nomon Design was responsible for the conceptualisation and design of the company’s corporate image, brand naming, packaging, stationery and media to communicate the attributes of the brand: trust, personalisation, harmony and elegance.

Because we were dealing with an essentially technical product and service, our main goal involved designing an image to reflect the brand’s more human, tangible and emotional aspects. That way, a not so technical image would provide greater visibility for Idonea products among the vast array available in chemists.

The naming of the brand, carried out in conjunction with the client, reflects the concept of personalisation: each product is the most ideal for each consumer.


Graphically, we conceptualised the brand as a watercolour in which each active ingredient adds its touch of colour to the base – the skin. The corporate element is a stain representing a drop of the essence of the active ingredients.

For the corporate colour, we chose a skin makeup tone combined with the black Miron violet glass of the bottles – a very elegant and unusual colour for the pharmacy channel.

The use of Miron violet glass to block out all light radiation and maintain the properties of the product, which contains only organic preservatives endorsed by ECOCERT, makes Idonea the only brand bottled in this material.

For the logo, we chose a font with personality and character (ITC Tiffany LTD) to easily stand out from the stain and combined it with Estilo Pro Light and Quicksand for the claim and the other copies.


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