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Welcome to our new website

Not long ago, in an article on branding, I read a sentence that went as follows: “Brands should not be aspirational, but inspirational.” I stopped short, for it made me think. I had been living with the “aspirational” concept for a long time. Being aspirational seemed to make sense as regards almost everything, although I personally had not come to feel totally comfortable with this word. Even so, I have always liked to aspire to everything and people who have aspirations as well, an endless desire to learn, grow and improve. Besides making me think, this sentence inspired me.

This is the key. It is about “inspiring”. Communicating so as to have a positive influence. One of the most exciting parts of our work. Creating, designing, communicating. Having the ability to inspire towards change and evolution, with challenges and hopes.

This is how our new website was born. We dreamed it to be inspiring, to convey our values and our way of working.

Collaboration, co-creation, participation, teamwork … are not just words. They are the packaging of our values, how we are and how we act. With regard to our customers, partners and suppliers. But, above all, among ourselves. The team at Nomon Design. The key part for the whole thing to work.

We set out our new website as a tool for internal cohesion and external communication. Collaborative. The reflection of who we are and who we want to keep being. A tool that would allow us to bring together and share ideas quickly. A tool to inspire, get inspired, learn and share.

We wanted to explore the effectiveness of this means to influence on areas such as internal communication, the integration of different professional profiles, the development of cooperative attitudes, the feeling of belonging to a community and trust. A process that allows you to develop certain social skills, such as critique or joint decision-making.

We evolved from a project-display website to an internal tool. Since we want to become more transparent, this new platform will enable us to share everything with colleagues, family members, friends and customers.

We hope this change will help us achieve these goals. To begin with, internal knowledge of all projects carried out at Nonom Design has already increased, hence increasing participation and links between each of us.

We have come a long way to shape it and share it with you all today. Months of work, during which we all have participated transversely sharing new ideas and viewpoints.

You may like it more or less, we may reach our goals or not. But this is not what matters. Because the important thing is what we have learned during the process rather than the result itself. An enriching process, during which we have put aside our individual goals to achieve a common objective.

A process we want to share with you and we hope to be inspiring.

Sisón Pujol
Nomon Design General Manager

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