ISI, details that make the difference.

Nomon Design started its collaboration with ISI in 2010 to turn around its positioning and business situation. Thanks to a new strategic approach and the boost for a new business opportunity, ISI now has a very differentiated brand with its own personality and values.

You do not need to make a huge investment to turn a company around. Sometimes thinking outside of the box and knowing the right questions to ask can deliver a good result. Nomon Design and ISI asked what they wanted to be and where they wanted to go and together worked to reach and exceed their goals.


Founded in 1964, the family firm Industrias San Isidro SL was originally dedicated to making wire-mesh metal parts and infrastructures for household appliances, topsails and other industrial objects. Over the years, the company decided to grow and expand its economic activity towards the manufacturing and marketing of furniture for the Horeca industry.

Problems with business succession led private capital investor group UP Capital to buy out the company in 2010. The new management had to step up to the challenge of modernising the firm and making it more professional. That was when Nomon Design came onboard, joining the inhouse Marketing and Communication department and promoting a new strategic approach to point ISI towards new values, such as design, differentiation, customisation and competitiveness. Also, and in line with the new approach, an accelerated process of internal production improvements and taking the company global began.


Until then, the company had been dedicated solely to Horeca furniture, marketing its products for advertising at the request of major corporate brands, particularly soft drink and beer firms, and for the hotel industry, offering standard furniture. It was a highly standardised and not very innovative offering, which was sold through catalogues by agents and distributors.

But ISI had one major strength: its flexibility and vast capacity for making small-run collections that combined designs and colours at a very competitive price. This presented a new business opportunity that was worth exploiting, thanks to a strong market trend for customisation.

This was to be the main differentiating factor: that the firm could offer fully customisable designs suitable for its customers’ needs and always at a highly competitive price.

The upshot of this new business strategy saw Industrias San Isidro SL become ISI, a strong brand with a personality that reflected its new values: Idea, Solution and Innovation.

The product portfolio was streamlined, and various collections based on customisation and innovation were created. In addition to redesigning the corporate identity, an online and offline communication plan was developed, focused on positioning ISI in its new sector.


50% of total turnover.

The collaboration with Nomon Design enabled the new business strategy to be executed rapidly and for the new brand perception to be well accepted on the new market. ISI is now a benchmark firm distinguished by its commitment to differentiation and design at a competitive price compared to the standard sector offering.

The revenue obtained from its new positioning recently allowed ISI to launch a new business area, ISI Mar, of outdoor products for private consumers.

With 34 employees and facilities that cover 9,105 m2 in Noáin (Navarre), ISI has experienced exponential growth since 2010. The new channel today accounts for fully one-half of the company’s total revenue.

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