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Fully dress your table, down to every last detail, with MY DRAP’s new e-commerce site

From now on, if you want to have a romantic dinner, a get-together with family and friends, or a children’s party that surprises your guests… it’s so much easier. MYdrap’s new e-commerce site means that you can now buy any of our collections of 100% washable, cotton and linen placemats and napkins (pre-cut or on perforated rolls) any time, day or night, seven days a week.

The company’s new e-commerce site is part of a change in strategy for its online sales channel, which we developed together with Èmfasi Digital Communication, using our retail knowledge and experience.

Unlike the previous e-commerce site which focused its sales on the pre-cut roll individually, in the new strategy we took account of customers’ need to dress the entire table with individual napkins and tablecloths from the same collection. Now, with MYdrap’s new e-commerce site, not only can they buy rolls by the unit, but also easily buy complete packs.

As part of the design and usability for the e-commerce site, we also applied the new branding strategy and new values: 100% fabric, fun, natural, experience, quality and personality.

To ensure the quality and essence of the brand is conveyed through the screen, we worked carefully on directing the photography of the product shots to show even the smallest detail of textures, colours and prints for each product. In addition, the content – both graphic and written – evokes situations and suggests ideas on how to present the collections.

The result is an e-commerce site that has personality, is accessible, easy to navigate, and is totally in line with the business changes that MY DRAP is implementing.

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