Corporate identity for A-Moreira Consulting


We are starting a new year sharing this new project which we created from scratch: the brand identity of A-Moreira Consulting. André Moreira is a marketing consultant with over 15 years of experience in brand strategy, product development and new business models.

As a project with a significant personal nature, one of the challenges we had was to incorporate a generic concept, such as marketing consulting, in the brand naming while combining the personalisation and specific style of the actual professional, André Moreira.

The brand once defined, we designed his corporate identity, created his brand identity manual and developed the different applications in his communication materials.

Very personal branding

The professional relationship we have with André Moreira, having worked alongside him in previous branding projects, such as those developed for LEDS C4 specifically with its Grok brand, has spontaneously produced a uniquely personal involvement in the project.

We have created a branding identity that responds to his corporate values: contemporaneity, uniqueness, adaptability and customer support. The result is an identity that breaks with the conventions of the sector and achieves a differentiation from the competition.

In addition, we have achieved its brand image to represent key values, ​​such as customer support and the excellent adaptability of A-Moreira to all types of clients and multiple circumstances.

This is why we chose the GT Haptik round typeface, which represents proximity and empathy. Additionally, we defined a colour range using shades that also add to this perception: Adriatic blue, Nubuck brown and Marrs green.

Application of visual identity in their communication materials

Subsequently, we determined the guidelines of the branding identity in a corporate manual where we detailed how the identity should be applied in the different pieces of communication.

Finally, we designed a landing website with a clear, simple and direct design. We played with the typology and the chromatic range, thus achieving a piece with great personality.

We wish André all the success in the world in his new venture. Those of us who know him and have worked with him know that he is an outstanding professional.




Tags: Corporate branding, Digital communication