Editorial design: colour, lines and the sea in Belone news catalogue


In our previous post we presented Belone – a family company based in Aveiro, the so-called Portuguese Venice and engaged in the design of office furniture since the 1970s and positioned as the most important in the industry in Portugal.

From its early days, an admiration for the ocean and for this small town has been evident in the brand itself and in each of the collections the company has presented. Even the company name – Belone – has to do with the Atlantic. The sea needle fish with its slender, elongated body.

This time wasn’t going to be any different. Aveiro and the ocean that bathes its coastline are evident in the new catalogue for the IRIS collection. The collection was put together by industrial designer Gabriel Teixidó, who himself was born on the coast – in this case, the Mediterranean Sea.

Brightly coloured furniture with metallic structures

The IRIS collection consists of a range of modular furniture and a directional series that combines the essence of Belone in each of its pieces. Brightly coloured furniture with metallic structures and firm lines, inspired by the imposing Dom Luís I Bridge in Oporto. A collection that incorporates tradition, experience and modernity and adapts to the particular spaces and needs of each client.

Catalogue radiates from all four corners the essence of this collection

With design and art direction by Nomon Design, the catalogue radiates from all four corners the essence of this collection.  It is therefore a unique, elegant catalogue with personality, full of colour, shapes and strong lines. With meticulous combinations, right down to the smallest detail, that reflect harmony and tranquillity.

The new IRIS catalogue also tells, in four languages, the history of the company from its beginnings to the present day. The history of the family. The history of Belone.



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