Brand strategy and brand identity for MAC Group


With over 25 years of experience specialising in assembly of stands and events, MAC Group needed a new corporate image, consistent with its reality and the size of the current projects in relevant events and trade fairs, at both a national and international level, such as Mobile World Congress, with clients such as Google, Vodafone, HP, Pepsi & Lays or Santa & Cole, among many others.

Faced with this briefing, in NOMON DESIGN we reviewed and reformulated the MAC Group branding strategy, redefined its corporate tagline —Building stands&events, building trust—, completely redesigned the corporate identity and applied it to the company’s communication materials, such as the brand new website and corporate presentation.

Branding strategy using the NOMON DESIGN method

The development and result of this project for MAC Group is yet another example of our work methodology, which responds to one of our principles: the more and better we know and understand our clients, the better the final result of the projects will be, and also the better we will respond to their real needs and expectations.

In order to accomplish our purpose, we immerse ourselves in the area of expertise of our clients, getting to know their singularities, trends and competitors. We place ourselves in our client’s position and hence come to understand their business. As a result, we join up working together for the same goals.

Alongside MAC Group we planned a first phase during which we analysed and reflected on the brand. For this purpose, we carried out interviews with Management and also developed comprehensive benchmarking, in which we examined the market positioning and value proposal, services and identity (both visual and verbal) of both the company and its competitors.

Based on the subsequent conclusions and pondering, we reviewed the company’s strategy (mission, vision and values) and reformulated it, adapting it to the new realities, always bearing in mind the achievements and general objective of the project: To clearly communicate the value proposal and to portray, alongside the company’s corporate identity, a strong and steadily growing company.

We so established that the concepts of quality, efficiency, trust and internationalisation were the values ​​that best suited the reality and essence of MAC Group, and we determined these principles should be the pillars on which we would support their new branding and communication rhetoric. Next, we worked on creating the storytelling for the brand, defined its verbal and visual identity and concluded we would specifically highlight that MAC Group builds quality corporate booths and events in the world. This conclusion derived in its corporate tagline: Building stands&events, building trust.


Finally, in order to conclude the branding strategy phase, we carried out the Nomon Test to determine what the perception of the company’s internal teams was and, based on the conclusions we obtained, we created and established their future test, according to the new brand strategy.

The Nomon Test is our very own creation tool, key in the development of branding strategy. It helps visualising what is intangible, such as abstract values ​​or concepts, by the means of images.

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Tagline: building stands&events, building trust

After working on defining the brand strategy with the client, we moved on to creating the corporate tagline which would subsequently help the company communicate its positioning and differentiate itself from its competitors.

At NOMON DESIGN we played with the double use of the verb build –in English– combining its most descriptive aspect as a company definition: stand construction and events, along with the company’s working approach when relating to customers. For not only does MAC Group build business stands, but as a company it goes beyond that, building relationships of trust with customers, based on quality and excellence.

A brand image based on the concept of construction

In order to redesign MAC Group’s corporate brand identity, we first of all took into account the consistency with the brand strategy and values, ​​which we had previously redefined. It was imperative that it would clearly convey its message, and above all, be an identity that would readily fit and adjust to all the communication channels, and would persist through the challenges and changes that the company could eventually face in the future.

Primarily focusing our attention on the area of activity and sector of the company —business booth construction and events— we suggested a flexible, comprehensible and straightforward logo. Built with simple lines and geometries, and clearly conveying the concept of construction, representative with its area of expertise.

Along with the newly designed brand identity, in an elegant combination of black and white, we defined a stylish colour range with personality (blue, mustard, greyish green and terracotta) which, combined with the typeface family Akkurat Pro and their very own iconography, has shaped a style of its own, consistent with its message and branding strategy.

Communication materials with personality

During the last stage of the project, we ultimately established the branding guidelines in a corporate manual in which we detailed how the new identity should be applied in the different communication media. Moreover, as key elements of the company’s communication and marketing strategy, we developed the corporate presentation and new website, implementing the digital communication strategy which we had established along with one of our strategic partners.

In both cases, we captured the values of the company in its design thus transmitting the uniqueness and excellence of MAC Group through the screens, differentiating it from its competitors.

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