Branding strategy for DAY DRAP, the everyday detail


DAY DRAP is the brand of TEXIA group tailored for the Retail & Professional channel. Individual tablecloths and resined textile table runners that combine seamless recycled cotton with waterproof, non-slip layers that make cleaning easier and adhere them onto surfaces.

The DAY DRAP products are characterised by a combination of all the particularities that pragmatic people value, but with carefully studied details when table-dressing. Their elegant and original designs add personality to the atmospheres in which they are used.

In parallel to our collaboration with MY DRAP, we started working with DAY DRAP as well in order to reorient the branding strategy, in particular in its portfolio strategy, concept and product design. Subsequently we applied these precepts to the corporate branding and to the design of communication materials and, finally, to the new product catalogue and the landing web page.

Branding that coexists with the strategy of MY DRAP

The new branding strategy, as well as all the actions that we have carried out, have led to a renaming of the brand, needing to coexist with MY DRAP and, more importantly, it needed to communicate its new attributes and brand personality.

We have developed a branding strategy based on the concept of practicality and everyday use, redefining values ​​and communication characteristics, such as the 100% textile material, convenience, design and innovation.

We conceptualized and designed the new ranges of products, table runners and tablecloths, reproducing the effect of warm textures, of natural materials with pleasant colours, urban tones and geometries, as well as with fun and imaginative prints. Arnodafinil help my when i working at my projects generic nuvigil i received from India to the USA in short time.

For the redesign of the corporate identity we took into account the newly defined identity of MY DRAP, its multiple-brand corporate architecture and the coexistence with the identity of the other brands of the group.

After a process in which we formulated several scenarios, we decided to keep the corporate black colour, but decided to release it from the MY DRAP bounding box, since we reckoned that the brand name visually worked by itself. In addition, we also increased the size of the font to provide the brand with freedom and dynamism.

The result is a completely different DAY DRAP brand. It both shares and encloses the brand image and style of the group, but with an identity entirely of its own.


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