Three academic years tutoring future designers


In the academic year 2015/16, we began our collaboration with ESDI, Escola Superior de Disseny, teaching the Proyects II course that specialises in Multidisciplinary Integration (Design Management).

During these 3 courses, our main goal has been to provide students with a professional approach based on real-life corporate case studies and projects. We have also taught them how to successfully implement design management. Our aim has been to give them both the knowledge they need and a real-life perspective on how to start acting like professionals and stop looking at things through students’ eyes.




Work methodology based on real cases

To achieve this, our approach is to share the vision and experience of Nomon Design with the students. We mentor them, giving clues on how to add value through design in the present and in the future of companies. Our course consists in a work methodology based on real cases, reaching out to companies from different sectors. We put the lectures together combining both theory and practice, showcasing real multidisciplinary projects. We teach our students how to best sell design services, how to understand the customer’s needs and we also show them the necessary tools to switch from theory to action, such as Storytelling, Benchmarking, Observation or Design Thinking.

But we also work on key documents for the functioning of an agency –such as briefs and budgets, or how to tackle job hunting and selection processes– so that they are as ready as they can possibly be to enter the professional world when they finish their Design degree.


In addition, based on our experience, we convey how important it is for a designer to understand the companies and the role of design as a key factor in the growth of those companies. We explain how design has evolved over time and how it now generates value and new opportunities. But, above all, we emphasise the importance of continuous training, empathy, humility and zero-tolerance to laziness as key factors to success throughout a designer’s career.

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