Winners of the communication competition for Foods & Wines from Spain


At the end of year 2018 we won the competition for the design of the new image for the Foods & Wines from Spain brand and for its adaptation to the new communication hubs. A few months later, we did it again! We won the competition to carry out the design of the yearly brand image for the events that Wines from Spain organises all around the world.

Both projects happen to be in the sector of gastronomy, an area that we know very well due to our experience with brands such as Lékué, MY DRAP, DAY DRAP, Le Creuset, Rocook, Blanxart, Ametlla de Mallorca or Valira. But, most importantly, it is an area that genuinely fascinates us.



During the last decade we have collaborated with ICEX designing brand identities and communication materials for some of the institution’s brands and divisions such as Interiors from Spain, Fashion from Spain, Audiovisual from Spain, Animation from Spain, Games from Spain, Capital Goods (Bienes de equipo) and Global Forum Spain.

Highlighting gastronomic richness in the new brand communication of Foods & Wines from Spain

Based on the objectives set by ICEX in the competition briefing, we conceptualised and developed the new graphic image for Foods & Wines from Spain.

We primarily wanted to highlight the produce, as it is the most important asset and richness of our cuisine. Activate all five senses to turn the simple act of eating and drinking into a unique sensory experience. We also appeal to the enjoyment of food, which is part of our culture and lifestyle, something that we share with family and friends around a dining table. But, most importantly, we wanted to create a brand image that matched the excellence and the international projection that Spanish cuisine has, as well as the origins of our produce.

We worked around the notion of “Aromas and flavours that turn our cuisine into art” and we materialised it through an extremely sensory graphic image, in which we took the frame as the main element. This notion follows three main themes: it focuses on the primary produce, on its aroma and flavour; it also references the canvas as a parallel with pictorial arts, and finally, it evokes the experience of the dining table, a key element of Spanish culture.

Origin and combinations in the new graphic image of the events of Wines from Spain around the world

The gastronomical events that are organised by Wines from Spain around the world are presented as a unique space in which all the professionals of the sector can become familiar with, share and enjoy the diversity and quality of our wines and emblematic products, and, of course, our primary produce.

They constitute spaces in which we have the opportunity to share our cuisine and our culture through flavours and aromas that set off our senses, building thus a gastronomic experience worth remembering.

We worked on a communication strategy based on a graphic image, highlighting notions that represent the Spanish wine sector: experience, diversity, innovation, creativity, quality and excellence.

The design is based on the concept of combining, on the one hand, the wine with its geographic area of origin and, on the other hand, the fusion of wines with produce. To enrich the proposal with personality we also defined our own colour palette, putting together the different varieties of wines and the different corporate colours of the institution.

We also designed the logo for Wines from Spain Awards’18 and the corresponding identification stamps for the awarded companies.

We participate in the ICEX Capacita Seminar on Food Design

Thanks to our trajectory in our collaboration with ICEX, we have had the opportunity to participate as speakers in some of the seminars organised by the institution.

Last year, for example, our CEO Sison Pujol participated in the ICEX Capacita Seminar: Does Food Design favour internationalisation?, showcasing the Lékué case, integrated into the 2017 ICEX Business Training Program that offers training and more exhaustive knowledge on foreign markets.

The aim of this seminar is to show participants the successful experiences of Spanish companies that have managed to use food design to add value and, consequently, make the agri-food sector aware of the need to innovate, and evidence the potential offered by applying design to their products.

The event was broadcasted live and by video conference from the ICEX offices in Almería, Barcelona, ​​San Sebastián, Valencia, Vigo, Copenhagen, The Hague, Hong Kong, Stockholm and Milan, and is part of the over 150 training activities organised by ICEX throughout Spain.

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