Editorial Design of Bistro Magazine, the latest Le Creuset campaign


We are back developing the newest campaign for our client Le Creuset. On this occasion, we have worked on the editorial design of Bistro Magazine, to be published every six months. For this purpose, we have conceptualised, defined the structure, created the contents and designed the magazine, a publication that follows the company’s communication strategy for the second semester of 2018, the Autumn / Winter season.

Initially, based on the client’s corporate plan, we developed a concept which would coherently link and give continuity to their previous Nature’s Kitchen campaign. As a matter of fact, we still talk about fresh, healthy, organic proximity produce. We talk about how to reutilise food, fixing new dishes such as preserves, marmalades or creams. All of this, keeping the very expected Christmas season in mind, the ideal time to give away home-cooked dishes to our family members.


The origin of flavour, inspiration for editorial design of Le Creuset’s Bistro Magazine

This new publication by Le Creuset revolves conceptually around the origin of flavour and the roots of our cuisines. It revolves around food and how primary produce is deeply rooted in the regions and, consequently, in our culture and traditions. And, consequently, in ourselves. For this reason, we have looked back to remember how our grandparents and ancestors used to cook. We also encourage to turn home-cooked dishes into Christmas gifts during this season. A unique experience that will definitely surprise our families and friends.

We have built the editorial design of the magazine upon these stories and concepts. The structure and contents of Bistro reflect the return to our origins, to the origin of tradition. In its pages we showcase new products and collections, and feature seasonal colours (deep teal, mist gray and cherry). We give advice on the use of Le Creuset products, with the aim to extract the most out of them. We also provide seasonal recipes and explain anecdotes and details about the company’s history.

As a novelty in this edition of Bistro Magazine, we particularly enjoyed the collaboration and testimonials of Núria Marín, host and presenter of the Cazamariposas program and the prominent 5-Michelin-star chef Paco Pérez. Although they have completely different profiles and trajectories, they both share their passion for cooking, proximity products, traditional recipes and, above all, their love for the cocotte.

Fourth communication campaign for Le Creuset

The Origin of Flavour is the fourth campaign that we have developed for Le Creuset, after Nature’s kitchen, Taste of the City and Colours of Spice, whose process has provided us with stories and an aggregate of content to allow Le Creuset to reach out to the brand’s consumers, from an emotional perspective, with the ultimate goal to surprise them.

Our big challenge was to come up with creative concepts that allowed all the collections and product categories to be represented and, by extension, to apply and encompass all the new products and promotions presented with every campaign. As these concepts are multi-channel, they work well either in paper publications, points of sale or the brand’s digital communication. This is particularly meant to create a global experience for the client.

 The editorial design for Le Creuset’s Bistro Magazine is the result of our team work, the key to producing the creative synergy that often enables successful projects.

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