Editorial design: Le Creuset personality in the new catalogue


Quality, innovation, tradition, functionality, colour, flavour, enjoyment … these concepts have all been associated with Le Creuset products since 1925 when they first entered our kitchens. And it is these same characteristics that we wanted to reflect, 91 years later, in the new catalogue for the brand in Spain.

A design that brings each of its products to lovers of cooking

An inspiring piece of marketing collateral that itself takes inspiration from the new communication concept Cooking with Personality that presents the 10 families of Le Creuset products: cast iron, knives, non-stick aluminium, mills, stainless steel, wine accessories, stoneware, steel, silicone and non-stick cookware for the oven.

Designed by Nomon Design, page by page the catalogue shows the Le Creuset universe. It is colourful, emotional and very personal and brings each of its products to lovers of cooking who want to enjoy the most delicious dishes every day. Sensory images, inspiring text and the use of #yosoyfoodie #yosoysibarita #yosoygourmet tags.

In addition to setting out the products’ features and functions – which align perfectly with consumers’ different lifestyles – the catalogue also suggests cooking recipes and gives tips on using the products so that they can be passed on from generation to generation as the perfect allies in our kitchens.

Tags: Communication, Corporate branding, Editorial design, Le Creuset