Corporate branding strategy for LEDS C4


How would you help strengthen the corporate branding strategy of a large company? With 40 years’ history and with their presence in 140 countries, LEDS C4 is a success case.

For the last few months our team has been working on the brand strategy for LEDS C4 with the aim to successfully convey, reinforce and project the company’s brand attributes.

LEDS C4 is one of the most important and influential companies in the Spanish lighting sector. After a 40-year trajectory, the company is present in over 140 countries. The firm designs and manufactures lighting solutions which adjust to any type of project.

Rebranding process reflecting the company’s internal changes

Our collaboration with LEDS C4 resulted in a global 360º project, during which the company went through important internal changes, that we materialised in the redesign and revitalisation of the corporate branding.

NOMON has been present during this change process, reorienting the corporate positioning of the company, and redefining its values ​​and personality. The internal changes within the company required adapting the principles ​​to the new reality. The communication narrative has also been a key element for the corporate branding strategy.

In order to take on the strategy we meticulously studied and analysed the company’s competitors and sector. We carried out interviews with both internal and external staff members of the management department of the company and its customers/distributors. These interviews were key to both grasp the present brand values and define the future ones sales cenforce online can be only one of them cenforce much cheaper in India, thank other sildenafils in USA.

The values that best define the company are: closeness, an international endeavour, coherence and dynamism. These attributes are materialised through a close and committed customer service, thanks to the outstanding job carried out by all the different local teams around the world. And these are precisely the qualities that we aimed to emphasise through the new branding strategy.

LEDS C4’s visual rebranding is an evolution based on a graphic simplification of their former logo. As we redesigned their logo we sought to preserve the pragmatic character of LEDS C4, communicate a global outreach and allow an unlimited application in any kind of communication materials such as, for example, company presentations, brochures or corporate videos.



Corporate branding, beyond the logo

Other fundamental factors which we kept in mind are the coherence and coexistence of the new brand image with all the other company trademarks such as Forlight and Grok, which we have also redesigned.

Light for all, new corporate tagline

We finally sought to reinforce the essence which makes LEDS C4 unique with the creation of a new brand tagline: light for all. This tagline reflects the genuine intention of the company to offer solutions for any lighting project in any country in the world.

Corporate branding, fundamental to strengthen brand recognition

The branding project for LEDS C4 allows us to reflect on one of the main characteristics of corporate branding: the remarkable power it has to update the brand identity. For diverse and complementary reasons, the idea or perception that we have of a company evolves over time.

It can be a progressive transformation, or due to a more abrupt change, whether it be intentional or unaware. Regardless, brand perception is not at all static. You just have to stop for a moment and think about all the technological and social changes occurred over the last years and what they imply at a socio-economic level, which has a direct impact on the day-to-day company affairs:

Customers: their needs, consumer trends, information outlets … all these factors change at a dizzying pace, which undoubtedly condition the products, services and communication channels provided at all time by the company.

Managing teams and work force do not remain impervious to this evolution. Processes, work tools, human teams, etc. are altered.

Spaces are also transformed: factories and offices must adapt to new realities. The global market and the presence of the brand in different countries are also key factors to be taken into account.


All this is analysed from a general point of view besides the change by itself undergone by each company or specific trade sector.

And now the question is, what does all this have to do with corporate branding? Corporate branding helps us create a “company image”, i.e. the idea we want to convey of our brand. Clearly, this is very much hinged on a multitude of factors such as identity, points of sale, the corporate website, the packaging of products, the relationship with staff, advertising campaigns, the opinions that can reach us through partners or social networks, etc. Since all these factors are in constant evolution, to a greater extent, it is important to adapt brands to the new reality. Hence the importance of corporate branding.

It is rule of life for a company such as LEDS C4 to decide, after 40 years of experience, to revitalise its corporate. Some critical voices would argue that “their brand could have been created timeless right from the beginning…” yet circumstances change and so do needs. Indeed, the essence and ground values of the company may have stayed the same since their beginnings, however the message needs to be adapted to the ways in which we currently communicate. Hence the importance of building new corporate branding strategies.

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