Retail packaging design for Lékué’s ice cream moulds


Slushies, sorbets, horchatas and ice creams – ah, ice cream! How we like ice cream! Made from ice and cream, in good old, traditional flavours as well as more innovative recipes. Enjoyed in the sun during a day at the beach or as the sun goes down on a terrace. But if we could also make them at home, when we want and with whoever we want…. Well, there’s nothing more to ask for!

For this hot summer, Lékué presents its new collections of moulds for making healthy ice cream at home. Iconic moulds in the most recognisable traditional shapes… Moulds that can be stacked… A range of collapsible moulds… And moulds that make it easy to make ice cream that contains pieces of fruit.

Appealing, fun and colourful packaging and point-of-sale design

Tradition and modernity coexist in the design of these ice cream moulds; two concepts that we sought to communicate when putting together their packaging and point-of-sale. Thanks to a fresh colour palette, we have created a range of vibrant and fun packs, in accordance to current trends.

A point-of-sale stand and packaging that transports us all, young and old, to the longed-for Summer, with its heat and flavours and smells of a typical ice cream shop.

We have also designed the recipe booklets that come with each mould where the instructions for use of each of them are provided. The entire project has turned these moulds into essentials for our Summer seasons.


Tags: Communication, Lékué, Packaging design, Retail branding