Digital communication for Miquelrius


Backpacks, pencil cases, notebooks, folders and diaries are part of our memories of childhood and adolescence. As we get older, they accompany us through long hours of study at university or endless days in the office. Who doesn’t remember back-to-school time? That happiness we felt when showing off a brand new backpack or the smell of new textbooks and notebooks. Notebooks in which we expressed our dreams, ideas and knowledge.

Do you remember them? Do you feel that excitement? Well that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve with the design of the new Miquelrius website.

Fun and inspiring art direction

That when visiting and browsing its pages and discovering its latest products, you would have exactly that feeling again. That its universe of life and colour would be able to jump out of the computer screen, tablet or smartphone and reach you wherever you are.

To achieve this, we worked with Miquelrius and Creative Symbol to create a website where image is everything. Featuring fun, dynamic and inspiring photographs that show the brand’s products and collections in great detail, as well as the context in which they can be used.

The images are also accompanied by text that has the same purpose. Written in a friendly, enthusiastic style to bring Miquelrius even closer to its consumers and distributors.

We invite you to visit the new Miquelrius website and, while you’re there, take a few seconds to think back and remember your childhood memories… when happiness was simply showing off a brand new pencil case or smelling a new notebook.

The Miquelrius universe jumping out of the screen

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