Design of Emotions Notebook range for Miquelrius


To mark the 30th anniversary of the first Miquelrius notebook, we have designed the brand’s new Emotions collection. Notebooks with covers in refreshing and colourful tones that inspire emotions. Each colour communicates a different message and represents a certain personality, so that each user can choose the notebook that best adapts and fits with him- or herself, or with a specific moment.

This collection was presented during the last Insights X Fair in Nuremberg, along with Miquelrius’ new stationery products and school accessories for this 2019. Besides the design of the products, we also conceptualized and designed the stand and created the specific space for the Emotions collection. We assisted Miquelrius during the Fair, supervising the due application of branding during the final assembly of the stand and oversaw the display of the products.

New design of Miquelrius notebooks

Well-known for their classic accounting books, Miquelrius was one of the first Spanish companies that applied innovation and design in classic paper notebooks. Several decades later, and after developing many collections in different formats, materials and prints, the challenge in this year 2019 was to continue reinventing the role of Miquelrius. We started off by redesigning their original Notebook, the first notebook with a colour-band system on the side and microperforated drilled sheets, allowing to organise the content.

In addition to redesigning the covers of the entire original Notebook range, we have created the new Emotions collection, which stands out for its stunning colour palette and the creation of its own signature typography, using the trendy hand lettering technique. We set up two large colour ranges: basic colors (black, green, red and navy blue) as well as a refreshing range of pastel shades. Miquelrius notebooks will therefore be available in 12 different colours this new season: pink, lavender, magenta, red, orange, peach, mint, green, turquoise, sky blue, navy blue and black.

With the Emotions collection, Miquelrius aims to approach a younger audience, fashion-conscious teenagers who can now see their very own personality reflected in the new colour palette.

Communicating the Emotions collection through colours

As we worked on the communication for the Emotions collection we had in mind the very specific target public for these new notebooks. Firstly, we studied the meaning of colours and the connections that they can have with the different personality types and how they can influence our emotions.

Once the new palette had been analysed, we matched colours with attributes in the following way: peach–harmony, orange–spontaneity, rose–romanticism, red–passion, magenta–creativity, lavender–sophistication, turquoise–enthusiasm, sky blue–calmness, green–honesty, mint–commitment, navy blue–responsibility and black–tenacity.

We have also come up with a message for each of these couples that captures the  attention and empathises with the users, helping them pick the notebook colour that best matches their personality, the moment or the situation they are experiencing.

Notebooks that have 150 years of history

In 1839, when he was only 19 years old, Jose Rius decided to change his luck and establish himself in Barcelona to make his dream come true: create his own company. Since then, millions of stories, dreams, ideas and plans have been written on the pages of his notebooks.

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