Brand strategy making a difference for MY DRAP


A good brand strategy is important for any company. It however becomes more relevant still when the brand is seeking to redirect some of its products or open new markets. This is the case of MY DRAP: so far, the company had always aimed placemats and cloth napkins at the professional channel; nonetheless, the company is currently working on an expansion to other sectors, addressing the general public, i.e. the end-consumer. In order to achieve it successfully it is important to build on a suitable brand strategy and analyse how to best adapt and convey the company’s values ​​and product characteristics to new customers.


What is the essence of MY DRAP? When you set up a dinner party you have two options: make it one of many, or turn it into a memorable experience for your guests. MY DRAP consumers choose the latter without a second thought. They actually take care of every single last detail to surprise their guests. MY DRAP customers are sociable and have attention to detail skills. They are both elegant and practical. Fun and spontaneous. They enjoy dressing their tables in an original manner and reflecting their personality with MY DRAP products.

New corporate brand strategy: reorienting the design of their products 

We started working with MY DRAP halfway through last year, with the objective of guiding the design and concept for the company’s products towards a new branding strategy. MY DRAP is a brand that is unique, innovative, and standing out from the competition with its 100% washable, cotton and linen placemats and napkins, pre-cut and sold in perforated rolls.

The product was originally aimed for the professional sector (restaurants, catering companies, etc.). The new brand strategy aims to expand these products to the retail sector. 

We started with a comprehensive internal and external analysis of the brand. Consistent with the conclusions of this analysis, we started a second phase during which we worked on a brand strategy in order to redefine the brand principles ​​and its corresponding communication. We categorised and organised the product portfolio according to the target audiences and concepts. We created new products and also defined the colour palette, according to the needs that we previously identified, scrupulously bearing in mind the profile of the new potential client. We obviously preserved the original brand style and principles, which needed to persist and be coherent and relevant at all times, coexisting alongside all products and brands which the company collaborates with.

We also applied the new branding to certain communication materials – including the product brochure for which we also defined the direction for photography, and the landing page.

Another fundamental aspect of the new brand strategy has been the launch of the new MY DRAP e-commerce, exclusively designed for the retail sector. We explain this in this article: Digital strategy and design of the e-commerce website of MY DRAP.

Presenting the new corporate branding and new collections at Maison&Objet 2017

MY DRAP presented the new brand identity and newest products in the latest edition of Maison&Objet, the international trade fair dedicated to Design and Decoration, that was held in Paris from January 21st to 24th. For the event, we designed a company booth, whose concept revolved around communicating and reinforcing the feature of 100% fabric materials which, on some occasions, the consumer does not necessarily know.

We currently are working on a new phase which aims to redesign the brand image of MY DRAP, i.e. packaging concept and design, as well as the retail branding. We are also working on establishing a fresher communication style, affecting both graphics and verbal identity, corporate website, e-commerce and social networks.

For these last few months of collaboration with MY DRAP we made a large amount of changes, taking care of every last single detail. However, we have still a long way to go.

Corporate branding is a broad concept during which we contemplate every single detail, so that all the inputs that reach the potential consumer are consistent with the brand image we want to convey. It is a mistake to think that by changing a logo, or the typography of posters and communications, we are already modifying our brand image. The mental representation we have of companies and their products depends on many other factors:

Logos and visual identifiers

Physical and virtual spaces: business booths, stores, corporate website, the company’s own facilities

Human team: the staff working at the company should know and act according to the company’s values and principles, allowing them to be transmitted to suppliers, customers, etc.

Products and services offered: packing, packaging, prices, sales channels, etc.

Communication: announcements, sponsorships, internal communication channels, etc.

Corporate branding helps us plan, establish norms so that everything is in sync, and ultimately helps achieve better results for the company.

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