In search of the perfect name


The name is the central message of the brand and the element with the longest lasting duration. Having an appropriate and meaningful name can be an indispensable asset for a company and essential to its development.

The name is often the customer’s first experience of the brand. With an appropriate name, we can attract attention and make an impact on our target audience. But it’s not always easy to think up the most suitable name. So what are the most important considerations in the search for the perfect name?


Seven tips to create the perfect name

1. It needs to be easy to say: Easy to say for the target audience and natural and pleasant sounding. We also need to try to make the pronunciation itself contribute directly to brand identification and recognition.

2.It needs to be easy to write: It should be easy to write to help reinforce the company’s presence and recognition. This factor is especially important if we want to have a good presence in the online world.

3. It needs to be memorable: It has to make an impact in the minds of consumers so that it remains memorable and contributes directly to brand differentiation and positioning.

4. It needs to create brand awareness: The name can also become one of the major contributors to brand awareness. We have to choose a name for our company that strengthens its identification and helps associate it with its offer and its value proposition.

5. It needs to have values and attributes: A brand is underpinned by certain essential values and attributes and the name should also act as a communicator of these.

6. It needs to take into account its online positioning: The online presence of a brand is a must for today’s companies. Words that can confuse people or position us in unwanted searches have to be avoided. Also, names that distance us from the competition will help us achieve greater visibility even beyond where our competitors are situated.

7. It needs to be unregistered: We may have found the perfect name for our brand but if it is already registered or unavailable, the naming process will have been a waste of time.

To avoid this situation, we need to constantly check the availability of possible names as trademarks and online domains.

These seven tips will go a long way towards successfully creating the ideal name but we shouldn’t forget that each brand is unique and each project has different needs and characteristics.

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