A new corporate branding for Sembra


In June this year we began collaborating with Sembra. An initiative born out of Semillas Fitó – a family company that has specialised in developing and sourcing seeds since 1880. Given society’s growing interest in all things natural and healthy eating, Sembra is positioned as the link between those who want to grow at home and market gardens.

To share with the whole community what it feels like to care for and watch plants grow at home, Sembra designs and markets products adapted to all levels of experience – both for children and adults.

Updating its corporate branding to bring it closer to a new brand positioning

Our collaboration arose from Sembra’s need to update its corporate identity to bring it closer to a new brand positioning with a clear objective of growing.

Through close collaboration with Sembra, we repositioned the brand, redesigned its corporate image and created a new brand story around the creative concept: a garden in everyone’s life.

In addition to creating its own identity, the new corporate image also helps Sembra to communicate with customers at the main points of contact.

Based on its new image and corporate story, we created one of its key pieces of business collateral – the company presentation. We also applied the new identity to the company’s stationery and online and offline communication materials.

A powerful corporate branding with a lot of personality

Sembra’s corporate identity consists of the logo (which we redesigned using a retouched Museo Sans font), a system of icons made up of fruits and vegetables, and a photographic style based on showing the actual product.

In terms of typography, we selected two fonts: Italia, a serif with a lot of personality that conveys experience and aspiration. We used for headings and highlighted text. We combined it with Museo sans serif for body text, which has the characteristics of being clear and easy to read and at the same time conveys closeness.

Sembra colourways draws from its historical corporate colours. It emphasises yellow, a very powerful colour that the brand is fully identified with. Yellow is combined with forest green, which contributes tranquillity and harmony and fits perfectly with the why and the experience of the initiative.



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