Digital communication and corporate manual for Texia


Coinciding with the anniversary of its 100-year history, Mercerizados Guasch decided to reformulate the naming of the group’s brand. After a co-creation session, led by Guillermo Martorell, alongside the company and WINC agency, the group was renamed Texia.

Following the new brand naming, it was necessary to review and create the new corporate design guidelines so that this new brand could accommodate itself, in the best way possible, to all its pieces of communication.

A new corporate manual which establishes the rules of coexistence of all the group’s brands

After carrying out the corporate branding of its two main brands (MY DRAP, retail and professional, and DAY DRAP), we took on the challenge to create a new corporate manual for the application of the Texia logo in all its offline and online communication materials.

The new corporate manual is not only your typical brand identity guide, but, most importantly, develops a visual system to show how the image of the Texia identity graphically coexists in coherence with the rest of its brands.

To achieve this, we have created a composition, assembled by the mother brand of the group and its secondary brands, aimed to maintain their balance in the spaces or pieces where it is required to communicate them jointly.

Application of visual identity on their website

Once the corporate manual had been developed, we applied the new Texia identity guidelines in the design of its new website, which emphasises the 100% textile characteristic and its concept of uniqueness.

Our main objective has been to show the quality and uniqueness of Texia products beyond the screen and to have them stand out. For that purpose, we have reflected the values ​​of the business group within the design: innovation, quality and sustainability.

A communication strategy that makes a difference for a 100-year old business group

Texia is a century-old textile corporation started in Barcelona in 1917. It is a leading company in the textile finishing sector which uses a unique technology that allows them to market their products all over the world under the brands MY DRAP, DAY DRAP and ROLLDRAP.

MY DRAP is the detail that makes the difference. Individual tablecloths and napkins in 100% cotton and linen cloth, presented in pre-cut and washable rolls. DAY DRAP is an innovative concept in resinated textile linens, unique in the market, thanks to the combination of seamless recycled cotton with waterproof and non-slip layers. ROLLDRAP are the only pre-cut and seamless cotton cloths in rolls for the catering and hospitality sector.

In addition to manufacturing their own products, they offer other services to third parties with TEXIA FINISHING, such as textile preparation, textile finishes, textile and tinted prints, achieving a very personalised result. Finally, with TEXIA SEAMLESS they export 80% of their production, with a product presence of about 750 points of sale around the world.



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