The NOMON Method: A working approach based on our experience


Over six months ago we launched our new branding with the aim to adjust our image to our current reality. It now clearly represents us, sharing our values as a company and as a team.

During the course of this project – and as we reflected on our branding and positioning – we observed that, besides having our own personality, which determines the way we act and function as a team, we also have our own working method.

We identified that one of our differential values was our ability to immerse ourselves in our client’s sector to find out its singularities, trends, business environment and competitors. We put ourselves in the client’s position in order to understand their business. This allows us to work together for the same objectives.

In addition, we have developed a formula that enables us to approach each project individually and supplement it in a transversal, sequential manner and with the participation of all the agency’s professional profiles.

Our method is based on our knowledge and experience advising companies from different sectors, mainly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), since 2006.

What are the phases of the NOMON Method?

Our experience has confirmed that the more thouroughly we know our clients, the better the final result of the project will be, adjusted to their real needs and expectations. We have learned that our method precisely helps us achieve the expected final results.

The NOMON Method is divided into two main phases. We first define the branding strategy and then go on and take on the corporate branding.

Our experience has confirmed that the more thouroughly we know our clients, the better the final result of the project will be, adjusted to their real needs and expectations. We have learned that our method precisely helps us achieve the expected final results.

The NOMON Method is divided into two main phases. We first define the branding strategy and then go on and take on the corporate branding.

Branding Strategy

1.When a client contacts us, our first step is to collect information, analyse it and elaborate an alternative counterbriefing.

2.Once the project has been approved, we carry out a comprehensive benchmark: we evaluate what your company does and compare it with your competitors. We gather ideas and adapt them to the needs of the brand.

3.Subsequently, we examine the market positioning of the brand: we analyse the mission, vision and values and work on a unique value proposition designed to put your brand in an advantageous position.

4.Next we work on verbal identity: we look for an adequate storytelling, for your corporate tagline, we work on the naming and the tone of communication discourse. This allows your company to properly communicate its positioning and differentiate itself from your competitors. We carry out the Nomon Test to visually concur with the brand values and attributes of the company.

5. Finally, we create the Digital Marketing Plan, which sets the objectives we want to attain while it projects and organises the strategies to achieve them.

At this point, the branding strategy will be duly defined and we will be able to move forward to the next phase: The Corporate Branding.

Corporate Branding

1.We design or redesign corporate branding to reflect on and express brand values. This is, and will be thereupon, what identifies the image of your company. For that purpose, we develop a corporate identity manual, which establishes the guidelines for the use of the corporate design elements and criteria, all of which have been previously defined for your brand: i.e. colours, fonts, applications, etc.

2.We conceptualise and carry out the art direction. We design multichannel communication strategies that help implement branding and develop its different corporate and commercial applications.

3.If required, we furthermore conceptualise and design products, keeping in mind the needs of the consumer; we introduce effective and creative packaging designs; we develop the contents of corporate and product publications and identify digital communication strategies by designing and developing both web pages and the necessary actions and communication contents to convey the key message and connect with the public

4.Once we have perfectly defined the branding of the project, we go on and apply it in all its communication materials and pieces. For this phase, we count on the collaboration of a network of excellent partners, specialists in different disciplines such as illustration, photography, multimedia, postproduction, retail, etc.

5.Finally, once we have finished these applications, we continue tracking the project both offline and online. Thus, the implementation of the brand strategy, defined at the beginning of the project, will have been carried out, having fulfilled the client’s objectives and goals.

Some of our latest projects, where we have worked with the NOMON Method

Of all the projects that we have carried out during the year 2019, we could highlight three in which we have used the NOMON Method from start to finish:

In order to adapt its image to the current reality of the company, we conceptualised and defined a new branding strategy and corporate branding for Exit Fabrics, manufacturers of technical upholstery.

Following the phases of the NOMON Method, we worked on their brand strategy and defined the company’s corporate values – i.e. experience, timelessness, service and customisation – on which we based the new corporate branding and communication discourse. Subsequently, we worked on their storytelling and corporate tagline – Upholstery for all needs – and, finally, we reformulated their naming, evolving it from Exit Solutions to Exit Fabrics.

As a result, Exit Fabric’s new corporate branding highlights the proximity of the service and product customisation using typography, a colour palette and graphic elements which, in addition, provide the company with a unique, distinctive personality.

A second case would be the example of Kedge. Our challenge was to come up with a branding strategy and the corporate branding for a newly launched company, resulting from the union of three others: Kodama Analytics, Allegro Consulting and Field Base, all of which coming from the Data Analytics and Business Consulting sector, led by highly qualified team of professionals with extensive professional careers.

To jumpstart the first phase of the Method, we organised a co-creation session with the client that allowed us to define the main attributes on which we would subsequently build the new brand. During this session, we corroborated that the new company’s branding should clearly reflect the two fusing business areas: Consulting and Data Analytics.

Later on, we created the firm’s value proposition, its storytelling and corporate tagline “custom decision-making through contextualized dataand then we developed the Kedge naming alongside the client.

With a perfect combination of experience and teamwork, we created a branding with character, mature, and, more importantly, differential within the business field, highlighting the naming and personality of the firm’s own partners.

And, finally, a last example would be our project for MAC Group Stands which gave us the opportunity to help a company that needed a new corporate image in accordance with its reality and the large-scale dimension of the projects it carried out; developing products for relevant events and trade fairs at a national and international level, such as the Mobile World Congress, and working with prominent clients such as Google, Vodafone, HP, Pepsi & Lays or Santa & Cole, among many others.

We thus reviewed, reformulated and adapted the MAC Group strategy after a first observation phase. We established that quality, efficiency, trust and internationalisation were indeed the values that best suited the present and essence of the company, and that these should be the pillars on which we would base their new branding and communication discourse. We then created the brand’s storytelling and defined its verbal and visual identity. We ascertained that MAC Group builds quality corporate stands and events around the world. Therefore, this conclusion derived in its corporate tagline: building stands & events, building trust.

Taking into account the brand strategy and values, we designed a flexible, clear and straightforward corporate identity, supported by simple lines and geometries, which help convey the concept of construction, so characteristic of its business activity.

During all these years, working with the NOMON Method has allowed us to help our clients grow through design. Do you want us to help you as well, and apply the NOMON Method in your project?

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