What we can see of the brand


As we have discussed in previous posts, a company’s brand consists of two dimensions: the invisible, which provides the brand with context and content, and the visible.

To give the brand visibility, we have to translate strategic decisions into tangible and discernible elements for the target audience. We have to give the brand a strong visual and verbal identity that reflects the strategy and is capable of projecting its essence, positioning and personality.

About visual identity and verbal identity of the brands

Visual identity is a set of elements that, based on a well-defined concept, provides the brand with its own personality and style. Corporate logos, colours and typography help us to position the brand image in the consumer’s mind.

The name of the brand, tagline, tone or message form part of the verbal identity. Oral and written expressions that convey the corporate message, creating perceptions and appropriate relationships.

To create deeper associations for greater recognition by the target audience, we have to support the visual identity within a strong brand system. A brand system is the grouping and standardisation of visual and verbal identities that help the brand to express itself. Through a strong brand system, a brand can still be memorable even when certain basic aspects of its identity, such as name or logo, are removed.

In addition, we have to be aware that people, as well as being able to see, can also hear, smell, touch and taste, so we can use all of the five senses to help us communicate, interact and connect, creating other associations and experiences.


The balance between what we can’t see and what we can is fundamental

Designing a strong identity is essential for creating a recognisable and memorable brand. But this will never be achieved if it is incorrectly defined, devoid of content or poorly positioned. In a great brand, what we can’t see and, in this case, what we can see must be very clearly defined.




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