What we can’t see of the brand


In the last post, Brands are like icebergs, we looked at the two dimensions that make up a brand and complement each other. The invisible part being what sustains and gives meaning to the tangible and discernible part.

In this post, we’re going to be focusing on the first stage of creating a brand: constructing the invisible dimension – the strategic foundation that defines the brand’s mission, vision and values.

Brand’s mission, vision and values define the strategic foundation 

A company’s mission is its raison d’etre; it defines its activity in the market. Its vision establishes the goals it wants to achieve. These goals have to be realistic and achievable, but also inspiring and motivating. And finally, its values – the principles on which the culture of the organisation is based and which guide its behaviour.

These three elements help to define the company’s corporate culture and establish what it is, what it will be in the future and how it relates to others.

Define the essence of a company well so that it connects with its consumers

Once the essence of the company has been defined, the next step is to determine its positioning. This process involves an initial analysis of the competition in order to be able to create a unique value proposition that places the company in the strongest possible position. From the findings of this phase, the brand promise can be identified in response to the specific needs of the target audience.

And finally, the personality of the brand has to capture the characteristics and features that will help the company connect with the consumer. And, for this connection to take place, it is important to attribute to the brand certain human behaviour.

If both dimensions are developed effectively, the value of the brand can be maximised by projecting a strong and competitive image in the market.

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