Growing up with Apli Kids.

Nomon Design has been standing by Apli in its growth and repositioning project since 2011. A strategy based on co-creation and design has enabled Apli to expand its portfolio of products intended for new targets, such as children, with the launch of its new brand, Apli Kids.

Apli and Nomon Design have drawn on analysis, reflection and cooperation to revolutionise the stationery sector with the creation of the new brand, Apli Kids. Rolling out this new business area has enabled the company to reach new target publics and possibilities.


With more than 65 years to its name, APLI is a leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of adhesive labels and office supplies. Until 2011 most of the company’s sales came from office supplies.

However, the sector that had been the firm’s mainstay has fallen on hard times, due to technological innovations, such as the ever-increasing popularity of the use of email to send documents. Faced with this situation, Apli chose to innovate and find new formulas for success.


The collaboration with Nomon Design was fundamental in the creation of some of the new lines of development. The process began with a study to identify the company’s capabilities and opportunities. This made it possible to segment products into major groups and establish a prioritised action plan.

The analysis indicated the potential and opportunity to innovate in the children’s educational and recreational sector. A process based on observation and co-creation with multidisciplinary groups was initiated to develop this segment. Needs and new opportunities for products aimed especially at children were identified.

The slogan “Learning by Playing” was designed, which conveys the image and values of the Apli Kids brand: that children can learn while having fun and developing new skills (colours, counting, psychomotor skills, etc.).

The new brand was initially supported on the core Apli product: stickers. Boxes of stickers were produced as a creative alternative, which diversified their use not just as school material, but also as a synonym for fun and learning together in the home.


300 new products.

From the start of the collaboration, Nomon Design has acted as a strategic partner to develop the Apli Kids brand through new product creation, packaging design and communication campaigns at the point of sale.

The outcome of this joint work is that Apli was expected to have launched more than 300 new references on the market by the end of 2014. Moreover, the company has been able to access new sales channels thanks to its commercial success.

Here’s what our clients say

Collaboration with Nomon Design is essential for us.

Pablo Pérez
General Manager of Apli

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