Apli Kids

Concept and design for products and collections

Since 2011 we have worked alongside Apli Kids in the creation of their educational games. Over the years we have been observing the kids, generation after generation, we have analysed the trends of the sector and examined the latest innovations, in order to conceptualise the new ranges of products which, apart from having a clearly educational nature, display a creative, original and attractive design for the little ones.

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When developing Apli Kids products we take into consideration their educational contribution, based on the kids’ age, the environment and the moment in which the game takes place, among others; and during the design process we also contemplate the ergonomics, the chosen materials or the appropriate visual graphic codes for each age. The result are games that help stimulate and entertain the little ones.

With the development of a range of magnetic games – World Map, Emotions, Letters, Seasons, etc. – we wanted the kids to have fun assembling and disassembling the game, as well as combining pieces of different scenarios and creating new characters. We also wanted them to learn to identify and understand emotions. All this, making sure they do not get frustrated while playing. In addition, with Apli Kids’ magnets you can play both individually or in groups. Kids also develop psychomotor skills as well as other qualities, such as team work or empathy.

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For this range of products, we have produced packaging design that is part of the game itself. The base of the box enables the fitting of the different magnetised scenarios so that no extra supports are required. It also allows for easy picking up and keeping the game.

With the design of these magnetic games we continue transmitting the brand image and brand values of the Apli Kids: Kids learning while they enjoy their games and develop new skills, even at home.

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