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We worked on the conceptualisation, naming and corporate branding of a new company, Azierto, which aims to help small and medium-sized businesses create and manage healthy, global and profitable business in Amazon, a global retail channel that sells in a very efficient way, but that requires a certain amount of knowledge and time.

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For the naming, we started off acknowledging the importance of an adequate business management for clients, and how it affects the outcome of being successful (acertar, in Spanish) reducing invested time and resources. This concept is transferred to the noun that defines the action: “success” (acierto) while graphically representing the company’s direct relationship with Amazon, replacing the C with a Z. This Z letter gives a distinctive feature against the rest of the letters that make up the name of the company.

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In accordance with the client’s briefing, in order to develop the corporate branding, we mainly set out to give prominence to the concept of boutiquedistinct, elegant and tailored – which we accomplished with the typefaces Graphik and Domaine Sans Display which precisely reflect these concepts. Likewise, the identity in a lowercase representation emphasises the direct and personal approach of the consultancy while it also visually associates it with the digital world.

With the objective of chromatically showcasing this abstract relationship that Azierto has with Amazon, we established Camel 2014 U and Blue 2965 U of the Pantone Solid Bridge range as corporate colours. This colour palette manifests, at the same time, the consultancy’s main attributes (distinct, elegant and tailored).

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In order to help Azierto communicate its value proposition to new, small and medium enterprises, we furthermore applied the newly established corporate branding to the company’s communication materials.

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