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Can Buch, is a new project dedicated to 100% eco-friendly ecotourism set in the heart of la Garrotxa (Girona). This project arose from the keenness to share the experience of living in the peaceful, serene countryside with appreciating tourists. We have developed the brand concept for them and also designed their corporate branding.

In order to produce Can Buch’s corporate identity, we focused on the actual construction of the masia –the quintessential Catalan country house. We worked around the concept of how the property rebuilt the house based on a harmonious coexistence of both tradition and current construction techniques. The owners collaborated with local craftsmen who took great care of the original elements and combined eco-friendly materials with traditional workmanship techniques. At the same time, they used innovative techniques as well, so the hotel could run on 100% locally generated renewable energy sources.

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We chose to represent the coexistence and dichotomy between tradition and contemporary life with an identity that combines a modern sans-serif typeface, Roboto Bold, which is also accessible and familiar, with an isotype that preserves a link with the origins of the masia.

The isotype was developed from an engraving found on a stone of one of the windows at the original site. At Nomon we digitised this old engraving and reworked it as a distinctive and singular isotype.

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We also defined a warm and familiar corporate colour palette as a clear reference to the natural tones of the surroundings and as a distinctive link with the territory and the colours of the original materials that were used in the renovation.

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Corporate branding was subsequently applied to the hotel’s offline communication materials as well as to their main online communication channel, Can Buch’s Instagram profile.

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As a result of our work, the brand identity clearly reflects the resort’s principles –proximity, self-sufficiency and sustainability– as well as the commitment to respect, coexist with and take care of the environment, animals and people. At the same time, the identity links Can Buch with the territory and its origins, nurturing the continuity of its history whilst affirming high sustainability standards.

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