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Since 2015 we have collaborated with Famatel in conceptualizing and developing the firm’s communication, as well as that of the business group’s trademarks (i.e. Rosi, Keraco, BeFresh Home, Easy Life…)


Famatel is an international manufacturer within the electricity sector with 25 years of experience. Although their logistics centre is located in Barcelona, the firm operates in 60 different countries, developing value-added electrical solutions that simplify professionals’ lives.


At the beginning of 2020, we began the most important intervention carried out to date: the creation of a new strategic branding plan and an entirely new identity, one representing the reality and future commitment of this international company.

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This global branding project –which was of great dimension and relevance for the firm–, was extended to the first quarter of 2021. It is another clear example of how, despite COVID and its difficulties, the NOMON team managed to keep it running without incidents.


Based on the NOMON method, we carried out our first analysis phase of in-house observation, conducting interviews with the owner of the firm, and other professionals in positions of responsibility in all the areas.

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After an exhaustive process of evaluation and consideration, alongside all the prior knowledge which we had of Famatel, having worked together for so many years, we concluded that it was crucial that both the strategy and its new identity contemplated its manufacturing origins, and also showed a balance between a closer and emotional communication and its technical and professional counterpart.


Building on this idea, and supported by the concept of ingenuity –which best represents and connects with the personality of the company and its founder and CEO– we then proceeded to define the brand values: international manufacturing ingenuity, ingenuity and solutions for professionals, ingenuity and commitment to service and, finally, dynamic and industrious ingenuity.

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We created a new claim –ingenuity and electrical solutions– which replaced the previous one and we furthermore developed the storytelling.


Once the first phase of the project had been developed and agreed upon, we began a second phase, in which our objective was to create a new corporate branding, with a powerful and flexible graphic code, which would allow a declination to all its sub-brands (countries) and to each of the communication needs of the company: from the branding of the products, packaging, point of sale and other communication materials both offline and online.

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Using the Neue Haas Grotesk typeface, a hallmark of contemporary Swiss graphic design, we designed a consistent and architectural logo that represents the power of the sector and of Famatel itself. We also established its corporate typography, still banking on the Neue Haas Grotesk due to its wide family of alphabets in most languages.


We determined a chromatic palette where grey, white and black predominate to technify the brand; combined with an orange red that provides proximity.

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We accompany the logo with the isotype F (of Famatel) with very straight shapes, in order to enhance the strong character of the company, but with a composition that is very flexible in all its applications.


Our objective with this isotype has been to create a very identifying symbol for the brand, which would work on its own, both on the shelves and in digital channels, and which would stand out for its presence and differentiate itself in the sector.

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As for the art direction, we built it on Famatel’s own reality: being a part of and accompanying professionals on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, its identity (mainly the isotype) and its products are camouflaged and blend into the image itself.

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The result is a very distinctive corporate branding, with character and vitality, which represents the strength of the sector and of the company itself. Recognizable on the shelf, in its digital communication channels and standing out from competitors. Easily readable and adaptable to all communication formats and materials.

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A new branding to enable Famatel, with its ingenuity, to continue its international growth, adding value and simplifying the lives of professionals and users.


This Strategy and Corporate Branding project por Famatel has been recognized in DesignRush’s Best Design Awards.

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