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OMON has worked on the new corporate branding for the pharmacy Cases Nabau, located in El Prat de Llobregat. Since 2004, thanks to their excellent customer service and the staff’s regard towards their clients and patients, they have achieved to position themselves as the neighbourhood’s reference pharmacy, open 24 hours / 365 days.

With the aim to produce growth and expand their services and products in order to become a benchmark in pharmaceutical dispensation beyond the local population of El Prat, the pharmacy needed an updated strategy, as well as upgraded corporate and retail branding.

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In the development of this project, we have used our work methodology – based on immersion in our clients’ business field – to find out singularities, trends and examine competitors.

After a first phase of observation, we started developing the company’s brand strategy. We identified professionalism, closeness, an excellent service and dynamism as the firm’s main corporate values. Hence, we took these characteristics as the cornerstones of the current corporate branding and communication discourse. We also based their storytelling, brand tagline – your health drives us (nos mueve tu salud) – and, finally, the company’s renaming on it.

In order to divert the focus from the previous (personal) name and transfer its relevance to the entire team, Cases Nabau Pharmacy has been renamed Farmablava. For the naming, we centred our attention on the establishment’s location and the pharmacy’s relationship with its environment and neighbours, adding the suffix –blava to Farma– as a clear reference to the “Pota Blava” chicken, which is the symbol of the city.

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Farmablava’s corporate branding stresses the professionalism and proximity of the project. We used a low-cased Noe Display typeface, characterised by the elegance of its classic and rational shapes. It also manifests clarity and reliance.

The main corporate typography is furthermore complemented with a secondary typeface, Akkurat Light, and goes along with a colour palette based on blue (clear reference to the blava – blue – in the company’s naming), white and copper. A combination which gives Farmablava a unique and differentiating personality.

The identity also integrates the recognisable symbol of the pharmacy cross, which we have used in our design along with a grid representing the tiles that were the basis of urban commercial interior design in Mediterranean countries during the 19th and 20th centuries.

In addition, the transformation of the pharmacy’s identity has led to the creation of its own line of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for which we furthermore conceptualised and designed the packaging.

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To finalise the project, we have assembled the new branding in an extensive corporate manual, in which we have examined and defined the applications in all the company’s communication materials.

We are currently working on the design of the retail branding of the pharmacy, including the interior spaces and facade.

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