Editorial design, concept and definition of catalogue structure, art direction and design of publications

At NOMON we have carried out the design, the art direction and the photographic production of the new 2019/2020 product catalog, which Grok –the high-end brand of LEDS C4 lighting group– is presenting at Euroluce 2019.

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To express the brand identity values ​​of Grok and show the luminaries in a seductive way and in atmospheres that enhance its excellent design, the focus of Art Direction was to use a poetic and artistic concept: the reflection in a mirror, as reflection is the most objective and honest expression of oneself. The deepest vision. A way to understand the world. For all creation, all work, ends up being the reflection of oneself.

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During the Art Direction process we have looked into Renaissance painters. We have played with both the real image and its reflected image, using reflection as a tool to blur the limits of the frame and overcome the flatness of photography. The aim was to show a 3D vision that gives a more complete and detailed idea of ​​each of the lighting pieces.

The game of mirrors developed by our Art Direction allows us to contemplate the product from multiple perspectives and reveal profiles and other details that would otherwise be concealed, thus broadening the point of view of the observer. Using the mirror’s reflection, not only can we see the face of the lamp, but also its reverse. The 360º vision explores, in a single image, all the facets of each Grok luminary. The reflection displays volume and depth, expands the visual field, generating atmospheres that radiate emotion.

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In addition to carrying out the Art Direction, we have also developed the design for the catalogue, structuring it in three parts, each of which was based on a different concept which Grok has conceived to segment their new products: Essentialism, Magic light and Materiality.

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The atmospheres and the colour palette that Art Direction has produced for this project allow each image to express the precise intention, function and emotion that the different designers sought for their creations. We have thus selected the most convenient settings, those that allow a perfect dialogue with the lamp, placing it in the center of the picture, where it catches the eye. We also emphasised the chromatics of the model and set in order to achieve atmospheres that reflect personality and balance: deep blues, natural greens and warm tones that connect us with the earth.

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Tags: Communication, Editorial design, Retail branding


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