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This Christmas, we have had the opportunity to again collaborate with Lékué, creating a new communication campaign that adds to all the projects we have carried out during our 17-year relationship with the company.

In this case, the challenge was to create a communication campaign that would show that Lékué products are the best gift for the holidays. Because they provide a gift of healthy, convenient, and enjoyable food.

And, besides, its wide range also offers products for all tastes and different levels of cooking knowledge.

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To achieve this goal, NOMON DESIGN wanted to center this communication campaign on those who value details and carefully consider the gifts they give away, always taking into account the tastes and profiles of the people they are making gifts to. Based on this, we developed the concept of “the good giver.”

A concept that, in addition to valuing this type of person, allowed us to represent all Lékué product audiences in a single communication campaign.

We took some of the Lékué profiles –i.e. the creative type, the hard-cooking type, the healthy type, the trendy type, the lazy type, those with a sweet tooth, and the conscious type– and graphically represented each of them in this communication campaign.



To do this, we conceptualized and defined the art direction for each type of audience, giving it a spontaneous and fun tone, very typical of the Lékué brand. We also worked on the photographic production of the communication campaign (location search, set design, etc.) that we carried out in different scenarios according to the defined audiences.

We completed the campaign by creating special communication materials for the brand’s points of sale that responded to the tagline “This holiday season become the good giver.” For example, we produced display materials and an exclusive Lékué bag for offline purchases, and a personalized gift wrap paper as well as sticker labels for online purchases.

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This communication campaign for Lékué was well received among the different brand audiences who felt represented by the graphics of the campaign. In addition, its relaxed but well-cared for tone, typical of Lékué, reflected that the brand appreciates the finer details in a similar manner as “the good giver” does.



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