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In 2020 we started collaborating with M30 ­–a company from Barcelona with 35 of experience in designing, building and assembling trade fair stands. We have worked with them on different projects for many of our clients for years.

Coinciding with the new challenges arising in the sector due to the COVID pandemic, and also with a change in management, M30 needed to analyse and find new business opportunities that would reposition the company within its business sector.

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Project development

Our collaboration started by an internal analysis of the company which we conducted to identify its main competitors. As a result we determined the trends, challenges and opportunities M30 was facing in order to continue having a leading position in its business field.

After this first analysis, we went on considering a new business opportunity by promoting other types of projects which the firm had already carried out in the past, but which were not directly related to the construction of trade fair stands per se, such as the creation of events and furniture for retail.


The company also needed to communicate this new business area, so we reassessed and redefined M30s market positioning and rewrote the brand’s tagline to «stands, events, retail»; as well as its communication and commercial speech according to the firm’s three potential audiences: brands, communication and events agencies, and organizers of trade fairs and congresses.

The next step was to redefine M30s corporate identity to reflect this new stage –the change in management and the market repositioning– and also highlight the attention to detail and quality of its projects, both in conceptualization and execution.

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It was also important for the new identity to be timeless, reflecting both its past (35 years of experience) and its new vision for the future (new management team).

To express this dichotomy and build the new identity we relied on two different typefaces: Bauer Bodoni and Neutra Text. In terms of corporate colours, we chose to maintain the red and white of the previous branding, but also incorporated grey and black, used in different tone percentages, providing continuity to the brand.

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We developed the firm’s corporate identity manual and did branding applications in several communication materials, such as corporate stationery, staff clothing, merchandising, vehicles, etc.

Finally, we thought that it would be key for the brand strategy to update M30s digital communication as well. That’s why we also apply M30s new branding to its corporate website and social networks.

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As a result, M30 is endowed with a new corporate positioning and branding, with a very positive impact on the sector and the company itself, adding value to its brand in this post-COVID stage.

In addition, the renewed corporate identity and communication materials have made it easier for the sales team to access potential clients, and is currently developing new projects with them.

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