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From licences to the Miquelrius brand

The ability to detect consumer needs before others do and the creation of new business areas based on innovation and design have directly impacted growth at Miquelrius.

The close relationship between Nomon Design and Miquelrius that spans more than 25 years has led to the development of product ranges under licence and the company’s own brand. A positive coexistence of these items on the market has seen the firm make a name for itself as a strong brand with extensive renown.

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Founded in Barcelona in 1839 and remembered for its classic accounting books, Miquelrius is a family firm that specialises in the production of converted paper products and accessories for professionals and students.

Nomon Design began its collaboration with the company by taking part in the creation and design of its first ranges of diaries. Years later, it would take part in Miquelrius’s strategic move towards the manufacture and distribution of stationery products and accessories under licence, by designers including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Jordi Labanda, Kukuxumusu and Divinas Palabras.

This new growth policy helped deliver a clear rise in turnover and reputation for Miquelrius compared to its competitors. However, at the same time, it relegated its own brand to second place, with the result that it was often not even known by the end consumer.

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This setback motivated the company to change track and focus on its own brand with the goal of creating a stronger Miquelrius brand of greater customer renown.

The first step was to modernise the design of the corporate image to deliver more impact and recognition, whilst maintaining its personality and values, such as innovation, quality, creativity, customer focus, corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation.

After redesigning the image, the company launched Miquelrius products on the market, grouped in a single catalogue, independent of the licence collections. The Backpack category was strengthened with new models, such as the ergonomic backpack, designed in conjunction with the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, and the Doodle collection of items made using recyclable material, which you can paint on. The Miquelrius Art By collection was created, with products based on design and differentiation and featuring the collaboration of prestigious international artists and designers.

In addition to these new business areas, the company continues to market popular products under licence, such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and well-known television cartoon characters. Then there are the traditional diaries and classic products that have been the cornerstone of its identity.

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With this new strategy, Miquelrius has propelled product sales of its own-brand goods by 60% in the past five years. It has also allowed the firm to build a strong brand with great renown and boost its corporate footprint at the points of sale.

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