Case Study

Reinventing paper with Miquelrius

Analysis, co-creation and a close professional relationship spanning more than 25 years have enabled Nomon Design and Miquelrius to evolve from a range of traditional notebooks to diverse product lines that follow and create trends.

For a company to still be in business after so many years is not a matter of luck. Knowing how to work in close collaboration with your partners, knowing and keeping abreast of the latest sector trends and, above all, knowing how to reinvent yourself, if necessary, are the keys to staying afloat in an environment in continual evolution.

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Founded in Barcelona in 1839 and remembered for its classic accounting books, Miquelrius is a family firm that specialises in the production of converted paper products and accessories for professionals and students.

Nomon Design has designed some of its most iconic products and taken an active part in their strategic definition and the company’s branding positioning.

In a context of a consumer recession and crisis in marketing channels, Miquelrius needed to move forward, identifying new business opportunities.

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Miquelrius had long been characterised for having a portfolio of products related to the most traditional stationery channel. With the goal of finding and exploiting new opportunities, Nomon Design carried out an exhaustive analysis of the existing product portfolio and sector trends.

This analysis made it possible to observe the life cycle of the company’s products and its relationship with consumer interests. To detect key purchase times, Nomon Design visited the brand’s most important points of sale in spring and the back-to-school periods.

At the same time, it researched trends and found there was a huge rise in baking, do-it-yourself and product ranges with a variety of colours.

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This analysis made it possible to establish the need to adapt and redefine the products in line with the identified purchase times. Co-creation meetings between Miquelrius and Nomon Design resulted in a series of gift products for specific purchase times, grouped into five collections and presented in the new Miquelrius GIFT catalogue.

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The new DIY products line includes 4 original and customisable craft notebooks with different graphic styles (Geometric, Romantic, Message and Urban), based on washi tape, stickers and coloured paper.

Candy Colors is a collection of notebooks and accessories in 9 different colours, where the consumer can purchase all the products in their favourite colour or mix and match them for a striking result.

Designed by Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, the Cupcake line comprises stationery products and gift accessories for children. The Doggies line presents bags, i-Pad covers, wallets, jewellery boxes and diaries with fun canine illustrations. Finally, there is the line of products for teenagers designed by Jordi Labanda.

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Diversifying the product portfolio enabled Miquelrius and Nomon Design to create new business opportunities in the existing channel and in a sector undergoing transformation.

The commitment to relate the company to gift purchase times for both adults and children made it possible to develop a catalogue with over 145 new references distributed into 5 different collections.

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