MY DRAP Profesional

Editorial design, Concept and definition of catalogue structure
Art direction and design of publications

We have been working on the concept, art direction and design of MY DRAP’s catalogue of reusable and customisable face masks for the professional channel. These masks are being presented as amenities for luxury hotels. We have also developed a presentation kit that every guest will be finding in his or her hotel room.

We based our work on the brand’s previously established creative concept –the blank canvas– since each hotel can offer their own personalised face mask to their clients, branding it with their own identity.

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The art direction was defined through two different conceptual and highly descriptive visual lines: using a bust to feature adult masks, and a teddy bear for masks destined to children.

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The idea of the bust communicates well that the product is aimed at an exclusive and high-end audience, such as luxury hotels and establishments. Whereas for children’s masks, we have used the quintessential stuffed toy, the element that always accompanies the little ones on their trips and which has the power to make them feel safe and reassured.

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It therefore resulted in a product catalogue that, in addition to clearly specifying the characteristics and uses of reusable and recyclable masks, distinctly connects each model to its corresponding audience.

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Tags: Editorial design


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