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In 2019 we collaborated with Natwins de Girofibra, a company that has been manufacturing cookies and healthy cereal bars using its own special recipe for over 4 decades. We conceptualised and designed product packaging for their range of 80g-pack cereal bars and 100g-double-pack cookies.

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Our main challenge was coming up with packaging design that would accurately communicate Natwins’ use of the best Mediterranean produce for the elaboration of their products, as well as highlighting the artisanal way in which recipes are prepared in order to find the perfect proportions and, finally, showcase the combinations of unique, original ingredients.

We started the project, as we always do, by observing and analysing the competition, as well as some references having a similar set of brand values, i.e. responsibility during the manufacturing process and with consumers, quality of produce and the healthy nature of final products as well as its tastiness.

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We identified and defined the consumer target of Natwins as people who enjoy spending time with family and friends, with a Mediterranean character, active and mainly living in urban areas. The target consumer also appreciates healthy and tasty snacks at any time of the day.

Following the conclusions of this first observation phase, we established what the packaging should primarily communicate, namely the quality of the produce used to elaborate the product and the fact that the recipes were prepared with great detail and care. Therefore, in order to transfer these concepts to the actual packaging, we relied on hand-drawn illustration, creating unique stamps with sketches of the main produce.

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In addition, we also reckoned that the packs should disregard the use of plastic materials. However, due to the technical limitations of food preservation, we could not completely eliminate it. We thus devised packaging minimising it to a maximum and definitely facilitating recycling.

For the 80g-packs of cereal bars with no added sugar, we created a textured pattern using the main ingredient of each of the products: i.e. seeds, pomegranate, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

For the 100g cookie packs (a 2-unit pack of 50g), which we conceived as two separate packs but that function together, we duplicated the graphics in order to keep the same visual front once they are separated.

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In this product range we highlighted the main ingredients with hand-drawn illustrations, namely: 3 chocolates, almonds, pumpkin seeds and strawberry.

The resulting packaging design transmits Natwins’ values and main commitment: to provide a tasty product for consumers to enjoy at any time of the day while staying healthy, thanks to the meticulous selection of top-quality ingredients and their elaboration according to original recipes.

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