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We have been working alongside Texia since 2017. Texia is a family textile business that has been manufacturing and marketing textile products for over 100 years, with a unique, patented technology. One of its brands being MY DRAP, that offers products both in retail and the professional channels.


Last year, just as the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading, Texia decided to hire NOMON to develop another of the group’s brands, namely Roll Drap.


Roll Drap’s 30 years vouch for their experience in the professional channel. 100% cotton textile solutions with technical, innovative finishes, such as the seamless look, help keep hospitality spaces, communities and all types of homes clean and neat.

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During year 2020, we started a branding project that would allow the company to reposition the brand in accordance with the current situation and its commitment to the future.


Using the NOMON method, we carried out a first phase of analysis and observation, of both the competitors and the company itself, through personal interviews with professional profiles with positions of responsibility and the management team.


Likewise, we conducted a series of external interviews with clients to assess the knowledge of the Roll Drap brand and of the Texia Group itself. After this exhaustive process of analysis, assessment and reflection, we defined the values ​​that best represent the Roll Drap brand.

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In the process of reviewing the brand architecture of the business group and Roll Drap’s portfolio strategy, we reached the point in which we were led to redefine and redesign their products as well.


To complete our branding strategy, we created the storytelling and tagline that best describes the brand activity and essence: 100% cotton neatness and protection, for a more sustainable everyday life.


In order to develop the new visual brand, we relied on the shapes and colours of its iconic product in the national hospitality sector: the seamless pre-cut 100% cotton cloth roll, patented by Texia, which, in 2019 alone, sold 1.5 million units.

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To provide the new brand with a unique character, we chose the Stolzl typeface, designed by The Northern Block foundation. This font is a revision of the original Stolzl Display typeface, inspired by the Bauhaus movement, and combining shapes and contrasts to represent the “melting pot of modernism” and its commitment to creativity and experimentation. The reshaped Stolzl is characterized by being very legible in both print and digital formats.


From the typography itself, and specifically based on the letter “o”, we created a symbol that would represent the iconic Roll Drap roll from a zenithal angle.

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In terms of the colours, we worked on a new palette where blue and white are predominant for the corporate image, and which is combined with a recycled cardboard texture, use primarily in communication materials, thus highlighting their more sustainable value.


For our art direction, we relied on the concepts of cleanliness, protection and 100% sustainable cotton features to emphasize the qualities of the products.


Once branding was established, and included into a corporate manual with its brand guidelines, we took on the challenge to design the products themselves –cloths, masks, etc.– and its entire packaging line, both for the professional channel and for the domestic channel as well, since one of the main objectives of the project was to reach the final consumer with these products.

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Finally, we applied the branding guidelines and values to the communication pieces, with a special importance given to the professional catalogue, the corporate presentation for the new domestic channel, the e-commerce website and the Amazon brand store.


The result is a branding with personality, that reflects the values and attributes of the company, which coherently communicates its positioning to its different audiences and has a differential character within its business field.

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