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In the midst of the lockdown early this year, we took on the challenge of conceptualising and designing the e-commerce for the reusable hygienic masks, developed in record-time in response to the coronavirus health emergency by the business group TEXIA under the brand ROLL DRAP.

TEXIA is a business group of over 100 years and, thanks to its industrial capacity, it efficiently and quickly adapted its business activity to manufacture different models of quality reusable hygienic masks, in 100% cotton fabrics, for universal use, certified, and at an affordable and competitive price, thus allowing them to reach a maximum number of people.

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At NOMON DESIGN we enthusiastically accompanied our client throughout their process of launching this new product’s campaign. From its strategy to the conceptualisation, art direction, packaging design and design of the different communication materials which were required to publicise a product that was until then unknown to the final consumer.

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The complex situation that we were experiencing also influenced our work process, a race against time to meet the tight deadlines due to the multiple amendments and adjustments –derived from the ongoing improvements the products continuously required­– (new certificates, different sizes and colours).

In terms of the digital communication, we chose to conceptualise an e-commerce focused on clearly conveying the characteristics and benefits of these new products, responding to the needs and uncertainties of consumers in an unprecedented convoluted and information-saturated context.

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We thus developed a straightforward, functional e-commerce with all the necessary content ­– videos, photographs, iconography, copywriting, etc– to assist consumers in choosing the most suitable model for their needs, and in the fastest, most convenient way.

Working as a team with TEXIA, we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to do our bit to pursue and offer people-centered solutions during these complex and exceptional moments.

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