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Cooking up emotions with Lékué

After nearly a decade collaborating with Lékué, Nomon Design has contributed to the creation of a brand linked to design and innovation, with a clear customer focus. The original designs, known for their practical nature and the casual style of the packs, add value to the brand and enable customers to enjoy a global experience from the time they discover the products at the point of sale.

Nomon Design and Lékué share the excitement they put into all of their projects. The result of their teamwork was to convey this feeling to the millions of consumers who enjoy cooking and experimenting with Lékué products in the privacy of their homes every day.

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Since it was founded by José Llorente in 1980, Lékué has carried innovation and delivering on challenges in its blood. The creators of rubber ice-trays, they were pioneers in introducing platinum silicone – a material previously used only in the health and technology sectors – into the kitchens of millions of homes, breaking down all possible resistance.

In 2005, with the arrival of today’s General Manager, Xavier Costa, and the start of the collaboration with Nomon Design, ‘design thinking’ was incorporated into the company’s strategy and efforts were focused on developing products for the kitchen sphere. Investment was ploughed into the development and innovation of both products and the way to promote them. Once again, the company faced a new challenge – to communicate this change to the customers and invite them to enjoy a complete experience in their kitchens.

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The mutual inspiration between Nomon Design and Lékué led to the development of a 360º branding and communication strategy linked to design, innovation and the joy of cooking at home, with packaging used as the main driver for communicating the product.

The pack design conveys Lékué’s five main business principles: functionality, image, excitement, internationalisation and communication. This all allows the consumer to enjoy a global experience from the time they acquire one of the products. Nomon Design also came up with designs that reflect the brand’s soul and raison d’être: the importance of quality products, innovation and design and, above all, healthy, nutritional food.

The pack design went through two closely related and marked phases to offer an added extra to consumers: In the first stage, it focused on making the products and the way to use them more understandable and on helping to overcome the barrier of using silicone and microwave ovens. In the second phase, with the market now accepting silicone, the consumer was added as a cornerstone of the communication plan and was made to feel part of the experience. Even still, the packs designed by Nomon Design continue to be a key part of understanding each of the products and are considered the silent drivers of Lékué sales.

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Thanks to the involvement and teamwork with Nomon Design, Lékué has witnessed spectacular growth in revenue, up 74% between 2006 and 2011, and a repositioning of the brand to consolidate the firm as a pioneer in kitchenware. “The design has allowed us to communicate with customers and learn to develop functional products that adapt to their needs,” says Lékué General Manager, Xavier Costa.

The Nomon Design products have also picked up prestigious awards, such as Spain’s National Award for Innovation and Design in the business category in 2012.

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