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In little more than 20 years, Andorran insurance company Assegur has established itself as a leading company with a 16% market share. With the collaboration of NOMON DESIGN it has redefined its corporate culture on the basis of innovation and a customer focus.

The collaboration and co-creation between NOMON DESIGN and the whole of the Assegur team has been essential in implementing the company’s internal restructuring. The goal was to reposition the brand in customers’ minds.

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Assegur was established in 1992 with the goal of providing comprehensive insurance services in Andorra. The main challenge of the collaboration with NOMON DESIGN was to foster a cultural change that would make it possible to convey the company’s true values, mainly through employee behaviour and corporate actions.

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The first step was to identify, validate, update, where needed, and reach an agreement on Assegur’s values and essence.

In a preliminary phase, NOMON DESIGN, together with strategic innovation consultancy firm Connecting Brains, helped Assegur reaffirm its particular brand values: a focus on the customer and the result, personal development, communication and innovation, ethics, teamwork and leadership.

The co-creation sessions involved customers and other parties and resulted in the definition of the company’s vision and mission:

· Mission: To offer the best comprehensive insurance service to customers with the goal of consolidating a market position and providing added value, which both customers and shareholders could see.

· Vision: A leading company on the Andorran insurance market, recognised for its customer focus, competitive edges and the professionalism of the people who work there.

The sessions also gave rise to the new corporate slogan “Som un equip de persones, sempre al teu costat” (We are a team of people, always at your side), which covered the concepts that were to be boosted and communicated. Assegur needed to work as a high-performance team, and the customer focus had to be present in all of the company’s activities.

The second phase of the project consisted of an exhaustive internal analysis, which showed the difficulties the company’s hierarchical structure generated for implementing the changes that the new positioning required: poor communication flow and doubling up of tasks, which failed to provide value to customers.

NOMON DESIGN collaborated in designing an action plan that began with the creation of a new position, that of the Brand Manager, with the goal of leading and coordinating change from inside the company.

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The involvement and collaboration of the whole of the Assegur team was fundamental to implementing a cultural change of this magnitude. Commitment from management throughout the entire process was another determining factor.

Today Assegur has mechanisms and tools that improve communication flows and teamwork. The new culture has been conveyed to the whole of the team, based on the organisation of small innovation hubs that enable joint work.

The result of the overall process is reflected in the Assegur Corporate Manual, an extensive and cross-cutting document, which sets forth everything from the company’s essence to aspects of its internal and external communication and procedures maps.

The Assegur Corporate Manual is now a living tool, a document in which the best results of collaborative work based on empathy are regularly included.

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