Concept and definition of catalogue structure,Art direction and design of publications

Back in 2012 we designed CIAT’s corporate branding. CIAT is a company with 60 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of pulp-moulded packaging products. The company pioneered the introduction of this type of pulp packaging in the fruit-growing sector.

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At the time, we created a corporate branding concept highlighting the versatility, the concern for precision in the process and the environmentally-friendly outlook of either the brand and its products. The products are made out of paper waste or leftovers from other projects, which are recycled and given a new life cycle at CIAT.

Last year we once again collaborated with the company to design and carry out a new corporate brochure and product catalogue, primarily focusing on the art direction and corporate discourse.

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We conceptualised and defined the art direction showcasing the actual product –paper trays made of moulded pulp–, underlining their multi-functionality, diversity of formats, colour palette, resistance and personalisation options. It also highlights the sustainable attributes of the moulded paper pulp, which is 100% organic, biodegradable and recyclable.

Furthermore, we showed the variety of produce and other products that these eco-friendly produced trays can be moulded for, in order to ship or arrange fruit, vegetables, eggs, wine or champagne bottles, as well as technological and medical supplies that require a particular care.

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We also described the entire production process which the company developed with its own technology and which has become a benchmark in the sector.

The resulting catalogue accurately conveys the 100%-sustainability brand philosophy of the company. It is graphically coherent and is of course consistent with the concept of carefully selecting the used materials, just as CIAT products, since it was printed using recycled paper.

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