Body Genius

Art direction, concept and packaging design and communication

BODY GENIUS is a brand that has revolutionized healthy functional nutrition by producing genuine, innovative products with no added sugars, high in protein and using natural ingredients.


BODY GENIUS is a brand of Xocolating 1944, a company set in Manlleu, which supports and promotes local industrial production while creating and reimagining processed and semi-processed sweet products, both for professionals and end consumers.

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In 2021 we began our collaboration with the company redesigning the packaging of different product ranges, such as Peanut Butter, Protein Crunch and Peanut Cocoa.


When we started defining the packaging creativity, we took into account the brand’s prime sales channel –­mainly its e-commerce– as well as its communication channels, i.e. social networks, which required a specific strategy and language.


This packaging also responds to the brand’s environmental commitment, since it is made from 100% recycled PET.

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The product labels that we redesigned are characterized by a new graphic image in which we simplified the corporate identity of BODY GENIUS, to make it appear more prominent, as well as the name of the product itself.


The corporate typeface chosen for the redesign is Muller Light, a light and extremely versatile sans-serif that adapts to all types of uses and sizes.


We also added a seal with an iconic and coloured distinctive linked to the product, and we carefully defined a pleasant warm colour palette that reflects the brand’s values ​​and attributes.

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We have applied this new packaging design to the latest range presented by BODY GENIUS: a variety of vegan products for the whole family sweetened with dates, comprising peanut, cocoa and date butter creams, vegan pancakes preparation and breakfast packs.


To make this collection packaging differential from the rest of the product ranges, we used green Pantone 7494 as its characteristic colour.

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The result of this project for BODY GENIUS is a renewed clean and honest packaging design, in line with the brand’s values ​​which, while being consistent with the other product ranges, provides each of its products with its own personality.

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