Case study


Transforming waste into opportunities

The management of waste and recycling is one of the major challenges faced by governments and businesses. Zicla has been working on the conversion of waste into new materials for industry and new products for the market since 2005.

Nomon Design started working with Zicla in 2015 on its process of repositioning and international development. Through analysis and by working together, we developed a new communication strategy based around people, design and an innovation culture that connects with the broad range and complex nature of the company’s target audiences.

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For Zicla, waste is an opportunity for change. Based on creativity, design and innovation, the company runs projects and creates products that transform waste into value that contributes to business growth in an efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.


The complexity of the sector, the company’s level of specialisation, and its range of products and services were the main reasons why Zicla was struggling to clearly communicate to target audiences its two areas of business and the value it offers companies and markets. After an initial joint analysis, the following overall objectives were proposed: position and differentiate the brand; and improve communication at key points of contact with the firm’s different publics (users, non-users, town councils, purchasing consultants, companies and builders).

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To achieve a differentiated positioning, Zicla and Nomon Design worked together on a new value proposition that would reflect the company’s identity, based on communication, people and an innovation culture.

An internal and external analysis was conducted and looked at national and international competitors, the company’s different audiences and peculiarities, and its two areas of business.

This analysis showed the importance of communicating the company’s two business areas separately and emphasising the different value they offer.

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In line with the new corporate strategy, we defined the brand personality and attributes and ran a Nomon Design visual test to position the company’s image.

We simplified and reorganised Zicla’s portfolio of products and services, redesigned their corporate image, and built the brand’s corporate story and the rationale for communicating its two core areas of business:  Zicla Products and Zicla Projects.

We then applied this to the company’s communication materials: product sheets, presentations, key project documents and the company’s new website, developed in collaboration with Not Only Webs.

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Here’s what our clients say

Alfredo Balmaceda
Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

“Working with Nomon Design has allowed us to communicate clearly our value proposition and our business areas, through a redesign of our corporate identity and telling the company’s story.”


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