Packaging design for Lékué wins Laus Bronze Prize


The judging panel at the 45th edition of the Laus Awards 2015 has awarded Nomon Design with a Bronze Laus in the category of Graphic Design – Packaging – Mass Market: packaging and/or labelling unit or line of products for the special-edition packaging that we have developed for Lékué’s steam case.

This packaging design is characterised by being 100% reusable, capable of surprising the consumer at the point of sale and extending its use back at home. We created a double-use packaging allowing it to be used both as an apron and also as a recipe book giving ideas to follow an easier and healthier diet.

As a result of our co-creation sessions, and following Nomon Design’s work methodology, we determined that we ought to combine packaging and product, use recyclable materials and create an educational and informative design.

In short, we made a packaging design consistent with the brand values ​​of Lékué, under which we find a wide variety of kitchen utensils, which largely share a common goal: accomplishing a healthy diet in a short time. Lékué provides a wide variety of innovative and creative solutions for all those who want to enjoy a balanced diet, in a practical and functional way, whilst being respectful with the environment and people.


Packaging design that responds to increasingly aware consumers

Under the premise “Packaging is part of the product”, we presented a new limited-edition packaging concept at MAISON&OBJET 2015 in Paris for Lékué’s innovative, creative and unique deep steam case.

The bronze-winning piece also responds to Lékué’s need to continuously reinvent its products and designs to remain innovative and stay ahead of the game.

Packaging design: Is it really important?

The packaging is the wrapping or receptacle that contains a product. In its origin, it was mainly used to store and protect the product and facilitate its handling, shipping and storage. It is also used as an information support for the consumer: in the packaging we find the product composition, legal requirements, handling and maintenance specifications.

However, over time packaging design has gone much further. It is currently not only a merely functional or practical element, it has also become an excellent marketing tool. It is a very important asset that captures the attention of the consumer, especially at the point of sale.

On the store shelves (or e-commerce websites) that are curretly packed with a large amount of similar products, packaging design does make a difference. Packaging must be seductive and differentiate our product from the competition. It should stand out, and not only because of a striking or original packaging design. The packaging ought also add value to the product, describe the product and reinforce the brand image (the essence and values ​​of the company).

Another element to consider when designing packaging is the fact that, at this time, we are not only selling products or services, but rather experiences. There are a lot of products / opportunities / sales channels on the market and, objectively, it can be difficult to differentiate ourselves from the rest. That is why it is so important to reinforce the more emotional aspect of the purchasing process. And this is where the design of the packaging is fundamental, since it is the first impression that the consumer will get when they first see the product.


Packaging design can be our smartest cover letter. The best reflection of the values ​​and strengths of our company.

In addition, it should also be noted that at a time when an increasing number of people make their purchases online, the packaging design takes on a special role. Beyond complying with specific requirements (such as ensuring the arrival of the package in optimal conditions to its recipient), the package must provide the consumer with the warmth and friendliness that gets lost when purchasing online. Somehow, the customer must have the feeling that someone has prepared his package with special attention, just as the seller would provide this sensation in a store, under his watchful eye.

Packaging design is, now more than ever, a connection point between consumer and seller. This is the reason why it is so important to atune packaging with the values ​​of the brand and thus provide a satisfactory experience to the buyer.

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