Nature’s Kitchen Campaign for Le Creuset


With the arrival of Spring, we took on a new campaign for Le Creuset with the challenge of capturing their marketing concept “Nature’s Kitchen” in their catalogue and product.

The shapes, colours and textures of nature have always been a source of inspiration in all artistic disciplines and, surely, so are they in gastronomy as well.

Aromatic plants from Le Creuset

Bearing in mind the concept of the campaign and the current trends for everything natural and handmade, we conceptualised a coherent and appropriate product that we called “Aromatic plants from Le Creuset”: four packs of four aromatic plants (oregano, parsley, chives and basil) which contain everything necessary for people to enjoy the experience of planting, picking, cooking and eating without leaving your home. They can be planted in limited edition coloured pots from Le Creuset in volcanic, cream, green palm and deep teal.

As well as creating this product, we designed an illustrated pack and brochure to go with it, containing a full explanation of all the planting stages. We were also reponsible for the Art Direction and the contents of both these pieces and the campaign catalogue.

In each of them, we’ve captured how nature is presented directly on our plates, through creative recipes and colourful products from the brand, bringing the “Nature’s Kitchen” concept directly into the home.

Developing the seasonal campaigns of Le Creuset

In Spring 2017 we worked on the first seasonal campaign of Le Creuset which was called: Colours of spice. The aroma and colour of spices envelop us and have the power to take us to the past or even to the other side of the world. They cover our tables with extraordinary flavours and colours and are a part of our family traditions and the places we live in.

Evoking this sensory world, “Colours of Spice” was aimed to invite Le Creuset customers to purchase any of the products showcased in the campaign to take home as a gift. We designed special packaging, including sachets for the selected spices and a booklet explaining their history and some of their particular characteristics. We also put together recipes, and storage and pairing tips.

Christmas that same year, Le Creuset again relied on us to develop the corresponding Autumn / Winter campaign, Taste of the city, which revolved around the concept of urban living.

On this occasion, our main aim was to transform the marketing plan of the compaign into an attractive and inspiring graphic piece, intended to drive sales but which also would continue connecting with customers and building consumer loyalty, as well as attracting new ones.

Apart from designing their new catalogue, we came up with the idea of a special gift for the purchase of a Le Creuset product.

In collaboration with Cerabella, a world-leader in the manufacture of candles, we designed and created a candle that reproduced the icon product of the company, a mini-cocotte.


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