Digital communication for MY DRAP


We are especially excited to announce an important step for the digital communication of MY DRAP through the creation of its new ecommerce for the retail sector, for the general public. Clearly, the launch of a new website is always an exciting and very significant moment, for any company.

In this case, all the collections of MY DRAP are now available for sale 24/7 through the new ecommerce: individual tablecloths and napkins in 100% cotton, recycled cotton or linen, presented in pre-cut rolls. So, from now on, with the new MY DRAP e-commerce it will be much easier to surprise our guests, organise a romantic dinner, a get-together with family and friends, or our children’s parties.

Digital communication tailored to customer needs

Digital communication should not be understood as the simple transformation of contents and messages to the available digital tools (website, social networks, etc.) In other words, launching a new ecommerce does not exclusively entail the digitalisation of the company’s product brochure. The new platform must also be understood as a new communication channel, a new ecosystem in which we relate to the customer, with all the opportunities and complexities that it implies. Therefore, behind the implementation of an ecommerce a digital strategy is absolutely necessary (defining objectives, planning, resources).

The new ecommerce site is part of a change in strategy for the company’s online sales channel, which we developed alongside Èmfasi Digital Communication, using our retail expertise and retail branding experience.

Unlike the previous ecommerce site, which focused sales on the individual pre-cut roll, in the new digital strategy we took account of customers’ need to dress the entire table with individual napkins and tablecloths from the same collection. Henceforth, with MY DRAP’s new ecommerce site, not only will the user be able to buy rolls by the unit, but also easily buy complete packs.

As part of the design and usability for the ecommerce site, we also applied the new branding strategy and values: 100% fabric material, fun, natural, experience, quality and personality.

Ecommerce is, without a doubt, an important point of sale for the company. In many cases, it is currently in fact the main outlet for customers, which is why it is so important to plan well how ecommerce should be:

not only from a functional point of view: intuitive, adaptable to different devices and browsers, containing the information tailored to customer needs, etc.

it also needs to visually be consistent with the brand values ​​and image, design-wise and in terms of colour palettes.

In short, just as an offline store has to take care of its facilities, presence and engagement policy of the employees, in an ecommerce we must pay attention to all the details as well, so that (potential) customers have a satisfactory experience, according to their expectations.

Paying attention to every detail of the digital communication: design and photography direction

Digital communication, by its very nature, has its own characteristics: immediacy, interaction, hypertext, multimedia, etc. These provide endless possibilities when interacting with our customers. However, it also has some limitations that, for certain products or services, can be seen as an important handicap at the time of purchase, such as the inability to touch or test the product.

In MY DRAP’s case, for textile napkins and tablecloths, we ensured that the quality and essence of the brand was well conveyed through the screen. When directing the photography of the product shots we carefully sought to show the slightest detail of textures, colours and prints for each product. In addition, in terms of content creation –both graphic and written– we evoked situations and suggested ideas on how to present the collections.

This is precisely one of the functions of the corporate blog, that was launched alongside the new MY DRAP ecommerce: provide decorating tips and ideas which a seller would share with us if we made the purchase in a store.

The result is an ecommerce site that has personality, is accessible, easy to navigate, and is perfectly in line with the business changes that MY DRAP is implementing.

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