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Light for all with LEDS C4

Since mid-2017 we’ve been working with LEDS C4 to create a corporate identity that will help them send, reinforce and project their new positioning and corporate message around the world.

The development and result of this project is a clear example of how we work at Nomon Design: we immerse ourselves in the sector, we empathise with our clients and their businesses, and we become part of the companies’ staff, working towards the same goal. This is because the more we know about our clients, the more the result of the project will better meet their real needs and expectations.

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LEDS C4 is one of the country’s most important and influential companies in the lighting sector. With 40 years’ experience of innovating to offer the best service and the best quality of light, the company has a presence in more than 140 countries and serves more than 13,000 customers. They have an index of 9,900 items with lighting solutions grouped into three different brands, which are adapted to the different markets and profiles of their consumers and used in the decoration, technical, outdoor and indoor sectors.


Following a period of growth and professionalisation, with a clear commitment to internationalisation and a focus on setting their targets, the company’s management considered it the right time to drive forward their internal and external communications.


Our main challenge was to help them reinforce and project this change into a new brand positioning, redefine the company’s values ​​and personality, and to create and shape their communications material.

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In the first phase, we conducted a comprehensive and segmented test of the competition, looking at their positioning and image, analysing the tone of their communications and social networks, their logos and taglines, and the design of their materials, such as product catalogues.


During the second phase we focused on the internal analysis of the company: we conducted personal, face-to-face interviews with management, and produced questionnaires to find out the actual perception of LEDS C4 among internal and external stakeholders.


We formed a series of conclusions from all this material, which allowed us to identify their corporate values, both currently and going forward: closeness, global reach, coherence and dynamism.


We also identified the pragmatic nature of LEDS C4’s day-to-day work, responding, corresponding and reacting to their staff, customers and projects.


Finally, we performed the Nomon Test to find out how we perceived the company, currently and going forward. This Test is a tool of our own creation which is key to developing our clients’ brand strategies. Its aim is to help us make intangible elements – such as values ​​or more abstract concepts – more visual and tangible in images

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The new corporate identity has been developed by simplifying the graphics of the old logo so as to maintain LEDS C4’s pragmatic nature and convey their global reach, allowing the unlimited use of the image in communications materials such as company presentations, catalogues or corporate videos, and so on. It fits perfectly with the other brands in the group like Grok – redesigned by Nomon Design – and Forlight.


In addition, we’ve captured the unique essence of the company in their new corporate tagline, “Light for all”, which shows LEDS C4’s real desire to offer lighting solutions for any lighting project in any country in the world.

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Here’s what our clients say

André Santos
LEDS C4 Communications officer and Grok Brand Manager

“Nomon Design have easily become part of our team, working with us on this process of change which is so important to our company. Using analysis and design, they’ve developed a new positioning and communications message which both convey our company’s personality and our real values.”

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