Christmas Time in the City campaign for Le Creuset


Christmas is here, a special time of the year in which the hectic pace of the city seems to stop. There are a thousand of different ways to live and enjoy these days but what they probably have in common is that we tend to gather around a table to share new flavours or those of a lifetime.

After our past campaigns Cooking with Personality and Colours of spice, Le Creuset is back to confide in us for the development of its fall-winter campaign, Taste of the City, a campaign that revolves around the concept of urban living.


Our main objective consisted in transforming the marketing plan of the campaign into an inspiring and attractive graphic piece that invites to purchase Le Creuset products, but which additionally continues to connect with the consumer and build consumer loyalty while attracting new ones.

Bearing all this in mind, we have conceptualised and created a brochure in which we presented Le Creuset products through suggestive images and texts that have the close and familiar tone that characterises this time of the year. We also provided cooking ideas and recipes to share with friends and family, that can be adapted to all kinds of people and cuisine types.

Conceptualization and design of a promotional mini-cocotte candle

Along with the design of the brochure, and coinciding with theChristmas in the City” campaign, we have developed and designed a special promotional give-away for the purchase of Le Creuset products.

In collaboration with Cerabella, a world-leader in the manufacture of candles, we conceptualised and designed a candle that reproduced the icon product of the company, the mini-cocotte, available in mist grey and cherry colours. This piece is the ideal little item to decorate our Christmas dining tables.

Previous collaborations in Le Creuset campaigns

In Spring 2017 we worked on the first seasonal campaign of Le Creuset which was called: Colours of Spice. The aroma and colour of spices envelop us and have the power to transport us to the past or even to the other side of the world. They cover our tables with extraordinary flavours and colours and are a part of our family traditions and the places we live in. 

Evoking this sensory world, “Colours of Spice” was aimed to invite Le Creuset customers to purchase any of the products showcased in the campaign to take home as a gift. We designed special packaging, including sachets for the selected spices and a booklet explaining their history and some of their particular characteristics. We also put together recipes, and storage and pairing tips.

Before that, we had worked on the campaign “Cooking with Personality”, a novel communication concept that responded to the new branding strategy we had developed for Le Creuset. We improved the identification of the brand’s target customer creating the labels/hashtags #yosoysibarita #yosoygourmet #yosoyfoodie, and defined a new style and tone of communication, as well as the creation of its contents and application in all the communication materials.


Tags: Communication, Editorial design, Le Creuset, Product design